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The German coasts are often ignored despite their varied landscapes, seaside resorts loaded with history and their nature reserves that surround cliffs of sandstone and beaches of white sand.

Arts and culture

If you are interested in history or love the avant-garde, you will find in the German cultural landscape a rich plethora of artistic expressions lying in monuments, street sculptures and museums.


Due to its geographic location, Germany has often been influenced by the leading artistic trends in Europe. Be it Gothic, French or Italian Baroque (currently the emblem of Bavaria), this artistic culture is exhibited in numerous museums. Alternating between the atypical, the modern and the monumental, they depict the history of a civilisation that was able to preserve the artistic wealth of its past.

Night Life

The capital of Germany, Berlin is also the capital of entertainment! Tourists may come here to discover the city's history, but they also come to have fun. In terms of nightlife, this city has nothing to envy when it comes to its European counterparts. Although Berlin is a vibrant city with a great deal to offer its visitors, other German cities also play host to plenty of lively events, like Munich and its yearly Oktoberfest, plus other cities that attract thousands of visitors every year thanks to their Christmas Markets.

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