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If you think you've seen all of Berlin, bear in mind that the city knows how to keep secrets... Under Berlin's pavements exists a world shrouded in darkness! Serving as bomb shelters during the Second World War, these underground caverns were later used during the Cold War as fallout shelters. Open to the public since 1987, the galleries and bunkers bear witness to this part of Germany's history in their own way. Traditionally less popular than the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Underworlds Association is attracting increasingly more visitors. Don't wait for the last minute to arrive at the starting point of the tours! There is a choice of four itineraries: 'The Dark Worlds': a guided historical visit; 'From Flak Towers to Mounts of Debris': Enter a fascinating and devastated underground world; 'U-Bahn (the underground) and Bunkers in the Cold War': A political history of Berlin from an unusual perspective; and 'The Charm of Pneumatic Tube Transport': Berlin's smallest underground. Your entrance ticket entitles you one guided visit in either German, English or French depending on the tour schedule.

  • The hidden city under Berlin, Underground Berlin, Monuments, Berlin, Germany
    The hidden city under Berlin

    Since 1987, it has been possible to visit Berlin's underground tunnels by choosing one of the four themed routes.

    © Thomas Hertwig / 123RF
  • Les souterrains de Berlin , An entrance to underground Berlin , Germany
    An entrance to underground Berlin

    The visit begins at the 'Gesundbrunnen' tube station, where visitors are then led into the city's biggest network of tunnels.

    © Solène Duclos /Easyvoyage
  • Les souterrains de Berlin , Berlin's underground tunnels , Germany
    Berlin's underground tunnels

    A genuine city within a city, these underground tunnels were once used as bomb shelters during the Second World War.

    © Solène Duclos /Easyvoyage
  • Les souterrains de Berlin , Berlin's tunnels , Germany
    Berlin's tunnels

    Like bunkers, the tunnels were once used as fallout shelters during the Cold War.

    © Solène Duclos /Easyvoyage
  • Les souterrains de Berlin , Berlin's subterranean world , Germany
    Berlin's subterranean world

    Although still not widely known among the general public, Berlin's underground attracts more visitors every year.

    © Solène Duclos /Easyvoyage
  • Les souterrains de Berlin , Berliner Unterwelten eV , Germany
    Berliner Unterwelten eV

    With their unusual atmosphere, the tunnels describe the history of Berlin in their own special way.

    © Solène Duclos /Easyvoyage
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