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Ghana : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1471: Portuguese people land and baptise the country the Gold Coast, due to the numerous gold mines the country owns.
19th century: The Gold Coast is an English protectorate. 1957: country's independence with Nkrumah, a socialist. 1966 : A coup d'Etat overthrows Nkrumah.
1981: after a good number of coup d'Etats over the previous ten years, Captain Jerry Rawling takes office. November 1992: election of Jerry Rawlings by universal suffrage.
January 1993: proclamation of the Republic, ending eleven years of military regime.
December 1996: Re-election of Jerry Rawlings
December 1996: Ghanaian Kofi Annan becomes the UN's Secretary General.
Alternation in the 2000 elections, won by John Kufuor and its political party NPP, has definitively ranked Ghana among the African countries with a settled democracy.

Ghana : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January: Adeakese in Kumasi
1st January: New Year's Day
6th March: Independence Day
1st May: May Day
25th May: Africa Day
1st July: Republic Day

26th December: Boxing Day/Family's Day
31st December: Revolution Day

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