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Greece : the key figures

Area : 1131.0 km2

Population : 3737550 inhabitants

Continental Greece : Travel Information before you go!


3 hrs 40 mins. Athens is 1,486 mi from London.


Athens airport is located 9 miles away from the centre of town. A bus service enables you to get to the heart of the city.


Though British nationals are rarely a specific target, there is a general threat from terrorism and attacks can occur indiscriminately. Attacks occured on the 26 September, 4 and 9 October 2013 in which explosives were used. Greek institutions, shopping malls, media interests, diplomatic targets and the police are common targets.

Regular demonstrations take place in central Athens (usually around Syntagma Square and traditionally on the 1 May, 17 November and 6 December).
Racially motivated attacks have occured in inner-city areas.
Take care when travelling by road, as the death-toll here is unusually high. Make sure you check vehicles before renting.

For the latest developments, see the FCO Travel Advice section for Greece.


The official language is modern Greek. English is spoken in tourist areas.

Required travel documents for

Visas are not required to enter Greece. You need a passport to enter Greece. As a British passport holder you may stay as a visitor for three months. For longer stays, you will need to apply to the appropriate office for a residence permit.


97 % of Greeks are Orthodox, 1,2 % are Muslim and there is a small Christian and Jewish community.


The currency in Greece and its islands is the Euro.

Local transportation

The best way of getting around Crete and off the beaten path is to hire a vehicle, be it a car, a motorcycle, a scooter or even a bicycle. A driving licence is often required to rent a scooter. To rent a car, you must be at least 21 and have a national driving licence. There is also a bus network that services the entire island, except for the small villages, but it does not operate on Sundays. There are plenty of taxis and they are relatively cheap. You will find that in most of the ports it is possible to go on an excursion on a caïque, a traditional long and narrow boat.


-UK nationals should obtain a European Health Insurance Card before going to Greece. Please remember this is not a substitute for health insurance, and you must take out a comprehensive health insurance policy as well. The EHIC warrants you state provided medical treatment on the same terms as German nationals. For more information see the NHS EHIC page.
-The FCO warns that there have previously been cases of West Nile Virus in Greece during the warmer summer months. You should take all precautions against mosquito bites whenever possible and seek medical attention immediately if feeling unwell.
-Ensure you have sufficient medication for any pre-existing illnesses in their original, clearly labelled containers from the UK. It is not worth the hassle trying to acquire this abroad.
-No vaccinations are required. Conversely, the World Health Organisation advises all travellers ensure they are covered against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and polio before venturing abroad.
- Dial 112 or 166 for an ambulance in Greece.


Voltage is 220. An adaptor is unnecessary.

Tourist numbers

Around 2.335 million British nationals visit Greece every year (Source: Civil Aviation Authority).

Taxes and tips

10% tips in restaurants are essential. For taxis, it is not mandatory.


To call Greece from the UK: dial 0 + 30 (country code) + area code (21 for Athens) + the number you wish to call.
To call the UK from Greece: dial 00 + 44 + the number you wish to call without the first 0.
In Greece: to reach another city, add a 0 before the city's area code.

Continental Greece : Useful addresses in the country

Before leaving

Greek Embassy
1A Holland Park
W11 3TP
Tel: (20) 7229 3850

Greek Consulate - Same address as above
Phone number: (20) 7313 5600 or (20) 7313 5609

At the destination

British Embassy
1 Ploutarchou Street
10675 Athens
Tel: [30] 210 727 2600
British Consulate - Same address as above.
Tel: [30] 210 727 2600

National Tourist Board
7 Tsoha street
115 21 Athens
Tel: [30] 210 8707000

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