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Easter Celebrations Greece
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Easter Celebrations

In Greece, Easter celebrations are the most important of the year. Across the whole country, torch processions, fireworks, and other festivities take place. The processions in Athens, Corfu, Kifissia and Mykonos are the biggest. Everywhere in Greece, on the islands as well as on the continent, the residents decorate their house with care and paint eggs in red. Among the events, other than the ringing of the bells and the candles that are lit up around the city on Holy Saturday, it is on Easter Day that visitors will be able to participate in the local tradition. Spits are installed outside to roast a lamb. In Lamia, Levadia, Arachova and Amfissa, they install them on the sidewalks and people who are walking by can taste it. If you had to remember one sentence in Greek, it would be "Christos Anesti," (Christ is Risen) which can be used when playing a game which consists in hitting your egg against your opponent's egg, in hopes of breaking it and keeping yours intact, much like conkers.

Easter Celebrations

Easter Celebrations , Greece
Easter Celebrations © Dimaberkut / 123RF
Easter Celebrations , Greece
Easter Celebrations © Dimaberkut / 123RF
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