The limestone cliffs, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
The limestone cliffs

The area is dominated by Mount Psiloritis, which peaks at 2 500m.

© Andrei Nekrassov / 123RF
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The chalky mountains Greece
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The chalky mountains

Crete is distinctively marked by the mountains found in its centre. These chalky masses; some as high as 8,200 ft, such as the Lefka Ori or the Idi, are surrounded by high plateaus, cut through by gorges and caves, made deeper over the years by erosion. The Greek Society of Speleology (the study of caves) has more than 3,000 members! This amazing natural setting, inaccessible by car, is a wonderful opportunity for hikers. A marked out path called E4 goes right round the island; all you have to do is follow the yellow and black diamond signposts that mark the path.

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The chalky mountains

Varied landscapes, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
Varied landscapes

Mountains, valleys, plateaus, and rivers flowing through them.

© Natalia Volkova / 123RF
The populated mountains, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
The populated mountains

The Cretans are also shepherds to the goats that graze on the cliff-faces.

© Marek Poplawski / 123RF
mountains to visit, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
mountains to visit

Stepping off the beaten paths in Crete means stepping up to the challenges of the many hiking trails.

© Sergey Kohl / 123RF
Cretan Landscapes, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
Cretan Landscapes

From these heights, the view is breathtaking.

© Anton Chygarev / 123RF
The olive tree, The chalky mountains, Landscapes, Crete
The olive tree

Emblematic of the island, this tree is often planted at the foot of the cliffs.

© dziewul / 123RF
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