Travel to the Greek Islands, a sailor's paradise

It's almost impossible not to be captivated by the Greek way of life, especially on the Islands. Swimming in crystal clear waters is interspersed with drinking locally made wine in round white houses and exploring scenic villages with charming streets and alleys.
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Of the 6,000 islands and islets on offer, only 227 are inhabited, and only 78 have more than 100 permanent residents. The largest Greek island is Crete, followed by Euboea, Lesbos and Rhodes. The rest of the islands are much smaller and lend themselves perfectly to sailing holidays.

The Cyclades islands are by far the best for a sun-filled holiday, closely followed by Corfu and Rhodes.

The Greek Islands: the key figures

Surface area : 10402.0 km2

Population : 660000 inhabitants

Time difference : +2hrs

  • There are so many islands to choose from, all very popular for their laid back lifestyles.
  • You're spoilt for choice with water sports and activities
  • The language barrier
  • Travelling by sea can be unpredictable: departures may be cancelled due to bad weather, strikes or additional last minute stops

The Greek Islands: what to visit?





The Greek Islands: what to buy?

Except for Mykonos, the Greek Islands and Greece in general are not the best for shopping. However, take advantage of the culinary favourites and bring back olive oil, Ouzo (local liqueur), as well as ceramics and traditional woven textiles, especially in the village of Apirathos, in Naxos. While you can buy copies of ancient jewellery on the mainland, you will also be able to find shell jewellery or Voulgaris' luxurious contemporary creations in Mykonos' old port.

The Greek Islands: what to eat?

Greece has long been dominated by Turkey. Therefore, it is not surprising that Greek cuisine has eastern influences. They start a meal with small starters called mezedes. Tarama and tzatziki - cucumber yogurt - are amongst the most popular. Moussaka (beef and eggplant gratin) is one of the most famous Greek main courses, along with peppers, stuffed grape leaves or Greek salad - bursting with tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber and olives. For good cheap food on the go, pick up some souvlaki (big brochette) or pitas (stuffed bread).

The Greek Islands: main cities

The Greek Islands: what are the cultural particularities?

It is common for Greeks to take a nap or a break between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, before going back to work until 8:00pm. Dinner takes place quite late in the evening, usually around 10:00 pm.

Be aware that religion and politics are important matters and can be sensitive for Greeks.

The Greek Islands: travel tips

Some holidaymakers try to see several islands within two or three days. This can be manic, so if you are looking to relax and unwind, stick to one or two islands. If you only have a week to spend in the Cyclades, it's best to choose a direct flight without a stop in Athens - you'll appreciate one to two extra days on the islands.

However, if you're even slightly interested in history, a stopover in Athens will provide you with one of the most amazing lessons on the capital's ancient sites. The Acropolis with the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Agora, and the Theatre of Herodes Atticus all stand as a testament to the prowess of the Ancients.

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