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Treks, The treks, Landscapes, Crete

The Samaria Gorges in Crete, located in a national park, provide an unforgettable trek.

© dziewul / 123RF
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The treks Greece
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The treks

There are various trekking opportunities in the island's gorges. The one that follows the Samaria gorges is superb, yet too crowded, so it should be avoided during summer when it becomes impossible to enjoy nature or even see wild goats! The Aradena gorges are less crowded, but the trek is harder and includes a rock climbing passage. Yet the gorges, the villages and the nature are magnificent, and you will not regret the effort. The Milatas caves are sheltered by rock banks, with monasteries and villages nestled at the heart of the plateaus. You can also find old castles and abandoned chapels here.

The treks

Crete, a welcoming home to hikers, The treks, Landscapes, Crete
Crete, a welcoming home to hikers

Many paths will allow you to discover the sublime hinterland.

© Lucian Bolca / 123RF
Curiosities to discover, The treks, Landscapes, Crete
Curiosities to discover

A Milat, the shelter of stone shepherds, or as here, a church in the bend of a road.

© dziewul / 123RF
The kri-kri of Crete, The treks, Landscapes, Crete
The kri-kri of Crete

The wild goat is an iconic animal of the island.

© dziewul / 123RF
Walks along the water, The treks, Landscapes, Crete
Walks along the water

A hiker here will rarely get thirsty, thanks to the many rivers.

© Lucian Bolca / 123RF
The untamed beaches, The treks, Landscapes, Crete
The untamed beaches

Wandering off the beaten path will often reward you with the magic of unexpected places.

© Lucian Bolca / 123RF
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