Located in Antarctica, Greenland is actually the world's largest island. Somewhat a land of mystery as there are few who travel to Greenland, the northern island is first foremost known for its spectacular Northern Lights, and its fauna, which includes whales, monk seals and polar bears. Accessing the territory is done via boat. The landscape, perhaps seeming a little hostile at first, leaves the visitor with unforgettable memories. This exceptional environment composed of fjords, icebergs and multiple glaciers is one of kind and recalls Patagonia's Glacier Park in Argentina. Go and encounter the authentic, explore your limits...
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Greenland: the key figures

Surface area : 836109.0 km2

Population : 56375 inhabitants

  • The unique beauty of Antarctica.
  • The local means for exploring the region (trekking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, sleigh riding, whale safaris...).
  • The arctic cold.
  • Greenland isn't for everyone - visitors must be in good health.
  • A trip to Greenland is costly.

Greenland: what to visit?

Arts and culture

The fauna

The flora

Greenland: what to buy?

Alcohol, tobacco, fruits and vegetables are particularly expensive. You can buy fresh products from hunting and fishing in the Boards, usually located at the port of all Greenland's cities.
As a souvenir, you can bring back jewellery or tupilaks (small figurines), sculpted in narwhal, walrus tusks or in reindeer wood. Greenlandish stamps are very popular among collectors.
In general, shops are open from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m to
17: 30 p.m, on Fridays from 10:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m, and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m to 13:00 p.m.

Greenland: what to eat?

Seal and whale meat is the basis of Inuit food. Other than shrimps and other types of fish, you will be able to taste reindeer meat (caribou) and musky beef.

Greenland: main cities

Greenland: travel tips

A trip to Greenland requires planning ahead so that you take the right clothing and equipment. The first-time visitor should go through a tour operator (one that we recommend is Grand Nord Grand Large)

Weather conditions can be quite wide-ranging so expect schedules to change, routes to be modified and certain excursions to be postponed or even cancelled. Out here, nature dictates the daily routine. In case something has to be cancelled, make sure that you hold on to any receits so that you can get a refund.

Always have more than enough cash in case of an extended waiting period.

Due to the limited number of seats on the planes and boats, it is prefable to book as early as possible, especially for the summer.

When it come sto taking pictures, remember that it is actually illegal to photograph religious services.

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