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Arts and culture

The Eskimos have always had a close connection with nature. They understood it and knew how to benefit from it. Tales, art and traditions all show this.

The fauna

As long as you like extreme temperatures, Greenland is paradise for animal lovers. Who has never dreamt of exploring wide stretches of snow and ice-covered land in search of polar bears and other mammals that have made these lands so popular? Although the hostile vegetation of the tundras does not make it possible for a wide diversity of animals to survive here, those that are used to the cold thrive in this climate, like the musk ox, seals and walruses. Greenland is also the ideal destination for whale-watching. It is enough to wander through the streets of the towns or look out the window to hopefully spot a tail fin. Greenland notably has its very own whale species, the bowhead whale, which is easily recognisable thanks to the white spot on its head.

The flora

In Greenland, ice is present at least ten months of the year, leaving little chance for the flora to grow. But still, each year, vegetation grows back after an endless winter.

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