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Calypso and reggae are the two music genres that are played and listened to in the Eastern part of the Caribbean and in Grenada.
Among the kings of the calypso, remember the Mighty Sparrow or Cro Cro, even though they are from Trinidad.

Grenada : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

In 1498, Christopher Columbus discovers the island of Grenada during his third trip to the "New World". It is no longer inhabited by Indians of the Caribbean.
In 1650, after the island was neglected by the Spanish, the island is occupied by the French. They set up tobacoo, coffee, cocoa and sugar plantations, where African slaves work.
In 1762, the island is given to the British, after their victory in the Hundred Years' war.
In 1833, slavery is abolished.
In 1877, Grenada becomes a British crown colony.
In 1967, the island joins the Commonwealth.
In 1973 and 1974, Grenada, Carriacou and Small Martinique adopt a Constitution and become independent, while at the same time staying members of the Commonwealth.
In 1979, Maurice Bishop, Leader of the New Jewel Movement, a progressist political party, comes into power by a coup d'etat, supported by a small group of armed rebels. He becomes Prime Minister. He is inspired by Castro's model and gets closer to Cuba.
In 1983, after an attempt to move closer to the United States, radical members of his party destitute him and put him under house arrest. Freed by the people, he is killed during a riot. The army intervenes and a military council is set up, with General Hudson Austin as the head of council. Upon request of the eastern Caribbean countries' organisation, American troops intervene and overturn the government in place.
In 1984, following protests made by the international community and the United Kingdom in particular- Grenada is still a member of the Commonwealth- the Americans leave the island. Free elections are organised and Herbert Blaize, leader of the New National Party, becomes Prime Minister.
In 1989, he dies and Ben Jones takes his place.
In 1990, Nicolas Brathwaite becomes Prime Minister.
In 1994, Georges Brizan succeeds him.
In 1995, Keith Mitchell becomes Prime Minister.
In 1998, the government starts an important programme to develop the tourist sector.

Grenada : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1: New Year's Day.

February 7th: Independence Day.

March 14, 2005: Commonwealth Day
March 25, 2005: Good Friday.
$$March 28, 2005:$$ Easter Monday.

May 1st : Labour Day with parades and races.
16  May 16, 2005:  : Whit Monday

End of July 2005:$$ Beginning of Carnival

October 25: Thanksgiving

December 25: Christmas Day.
December 26: Boxing Day.

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