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The fauna and flora

Structured by ancient volcanic activity, with its crater lakes, hillsides covered with tropical forest and countless crystal-clear waterfalls, Grenada is a real Garden of Eden! It is known as Spice Island because of the production of nutmeg here, which can be found in the ice cream, the ti punch, the stews, and all over the market stalls in St. George's.

Located at the southern end of the Antilles islands, Grenada's flora is similar to that of the other islands, however, the vegetation can still vary from one island to the next. Since the climate of Carriacou tends to be a lot drier than on the other islands, you will find cacti, acacias and bougainvillea growing here.

Like all of the Caribbean Islands, you will find plenty of unforgettable spots here to go scuba diving or watch the sunrise or sunset. The marine fauna is very diverse as well, including many species like the impressive sea turtle.

The main island is home to a lush rainforest, an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of species. In it you may come across monkeys, mongoose and armadillos. As for the birds, the many species include the pelican, the eagle and the hummingbird.

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