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Guam : the key figures

Area : 209 sq mi km2

Population : 163,000 inhabitants

Guam : Travel Information before you go!


London-Agaña: 16 hrs 50 mins (including 2 hr stopover in Tokyo).


A.B. Won Pat international airport is situated 3 miles from Agaña. You can reach the centre of town in about 15 minutes, either by taxi (£10), or by bus (£2). There is no airport tax.


It is a safe place, but, like anywhere else, use your common sense and do not attract trouble through displaying wealth, being offensive etc.


The official languages are English and Chamorro (named after the Indigenous population). Japanese is also spoken.

Required travel documents for

The administrative paperwork is the same as for the United States. For a stay not exceeding 90 days, a passport valid for 6 months after the return date, a return ticket and a request for admission as part of the visa waiver programme are sufficient. For stays of more than 90 days, a visa is required. Delivered in about a week by post, to be picked up at the United States embassy.


98% of Guam's population is Catholic.


The local currency is the United States Dollar (USD). Credit cards and travellers cheques in Dollars are very widely accepted. Only the Bank of Guam in Tumon and Agaña accept foreign currencies. There are several ATM machines in the larger towns. Banks are open from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00am to 3:00pm, on Fridays from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Local transportation

There are no domestic flights and there is no railway network. A bus network serves the entire island in a disorganised way and at irregular times. Taxis are also available. Know that even if there are meters in the taxis some drivers apply extra charges. You can rent a car (international driver's license required) but the rates are high. Finally in Tumon, it is possible to rent a bicycle. Driving is on the right.


No vaccination certificate is required upon entry into the territory but vaccines against poliomyelitis, tetanus, typhoid fever and hepatitis A are all recommended. Water and food are uncontaminated. No malaria. Although there are several private hospitals as well as a military hospitals, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to repatriation insurance.


Voltage is 120 V, American sockets. Bring an adaptor.


To call Guam from the UK dial 00 + 671 (country code) + phone number you wish to call.
To call the UK from Guam dial 001 + 44 + personal number without the first 0.

Guam : Useful addresses in the country

Before leaving

United States Embassy
24 Grosvenor Square
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7499 9000

At the destination

Mr. Guedon, Honorary Consul
PO Box 7953, Tamuning, Guam 96931. Tel.: (671) 649 8882.
Guam Visitors Bureau
PO Box 3520, 401 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, Guam 96911. Tel.: (671) 646 52789.

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