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Guatemala is a country full of colour and contrast. The intense greens of the lush forests contrast with the black sand of the Pacific beaches. The yellow ochre of the old colonial mansions stands out clearly against the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, while in the distance, the red of Agua and Pacaya volcanoes blaze.


Very little frequented, the Pacific coast that borders the ocean for 155 miles is not as beautiful as the one in Mexico. There are no seaside resorts along this strip of land, which is above all agricultural. The Caribbean coast, the country's port zone, is more attractive.

The fauna and flora

In the whole country, about fifty natural zones are protected; about twenty biotopes are listed here. There are also many guided tours to go and discover the region's natural reserves.

Arts and culture

Guatemala is a real cultural melting-pot. It is mixture of many influences, displaying the precious heritage left by Mayan and Indian civilizations; Guatemalese art is splendid.


Thousands of archaeological sites can be found on the quiet lands of Guatemala. Stuck in the middle of the tropical forest, in the El Peten region, the ruins of Mayan cities stand with splendour and shrouded in mystery.

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