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The forest, which is primary and equatorial, extends as far as the eye can see and it can be explored by flying over Guiana, from Cayenne to Maripasoula, or by going on an expedition on one of the country's rivers.


The coasts are stunning, with the forest in the background, the beaches are bordered with coconut trees and palm trees in the foreground, which serve to shade the golden sand. However, all the rivers in Guiana drop their alluvium at the river mouth and as a result the water on the coast is cloudy, which is not good news for the sea life.

Arts and culture

Indeed, there's a reason Guyana has a Museum of Guyanese Cultures (in the plural!), and the country's arts and culture are both so varied that it's difficult to put them into a specific category.

The fauna

Guiana's fauna is representative of the Amazonian region. The Macouria Animal Park, near Cayenne, shows this: Amazonian animals live in relative freedom on the 741 acres of land, however, despite being in natural areas, ocelots, jaguars, armadillos, cormorants, macaws and emerald tree boas which are threatened by hunting and the imbalance of the ecosystem, are still very difficult to see.

The flora

Flora in Guiana remains dense and diverse. The Amazonian forest, for example, occupies a large part of the territory and many rivers run through it; the mangrove is also very expansive on this small territory. To protect this fragile ecosystem, ecotourism is developing little by little and the population is becoming educated on the different ways of protecting the ecosystem. That said, brushwood and open air gold mines continue to actively contribute to the gradual extinction of the fauna and flora.


One thing in particular that Guyana is known for, however, is its wealth of flora and fauna, and there are a variety of attractions here for all to enjoy.

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