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Besides the coasts, there are three types of landscape, a synthesis of the whole West Africa. In the north, the dry plains of High-Guinea are covered with savannah vegetation, shrubby and scattered with areas of forest. In the north west, Middle Guinea merges with the scenic heights of Fouta Djalon, offering superb views of the valleys and waterfalls. In the south east, the Guinea forested has a dense forest with precious woods, including mahogany wood.


Tourism has not yet taken off in Guinea, despite the fact that its coasts have enough to make some of the world's most beautiful seaside resorts jealous. Along the coast, beaches stretch for miles before giving way to dense forestland.

Arts and culture

Guinean handiwork is relatively little developed. It is essentially made up of venerated masks and wooden mortuary statuettes. The music is fairly interesting.

The fauna

Elephants and other large animals from the forests have been hunted by poachers and deforestation. You will however see baboons, antelopes, hyenas, and if you are very lucky, a leopard. Some hippos and crocodiles live in certain rivers. And among the reptiles: giant turtles in the Los islands and snakes (mambas, vipers, cobras and pythons).

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