Port Au Prince

  • Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is home to a number of monuments but many of these were damaged by the earthquake that shook the city in January 2010.
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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Hati

The capital is crowded and disposes of a few interesting spots. Fer local market is an interesting place. It assembles all of the island's essential characteristics in the same area: all that is beautiful but also all of the underlying violence. The crowd is rowdy and the sellers shout abuse at people in the middle of stands which smell of rick food and drink. It is better to be accompanied by a guide. St. Trinity Cathedral is interesting. Its frescoes combine biblical scenes with local beliefs, linked to the practice of voodoo rituals. Two museums are worth a visit. The Haitian Art Museum of Saint-Pierre College has one of the best naive art schools in the world and the National Museum of the Pantheon contains a nice collection of objects, retracing the country's history.

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