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Package Holidays in Germany

On the other side of the Rhine, Germany is full of riches. Among them is Berlin, the country’s backbone. For many years, the German capital offers travellers an unbeatable cultural diversity compared to its European counterparts. Far from the days when the city was divided into two by the wall of shame, Berlin now proudly displays its assets including Potsdamer Platz; the birthplace of Berlin’s nightlife. But a stay in many other cities in Germany can be just as festive. Cologne, in addition to its cathedral, is known as a haven for night owls and especially fans of electronic music. And how can we forget the Munich and its famous Oktoberfest? The largest beer festival in the country, taking place every year on the last week of September and first of October and it is in itself a reason to stay in Germany. The only way to discover the Bavarian folklore, in the middle of a crowd of people from Munich, is their festival clothes, namely for women Dirndl and Lederhosen for men. The country of Goethe is before anything a land of rich culture and tradition.

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Places you must visit while on holiday in Germany

But Germany should not only be judged by its festivals. Its varied landscapes stretch out from north to south, the beaches of the North Sea dotted with cabins to the ski resorts on the border of Tyrol through the industrial Ruhr and central plains. Germany offers a myriad of skylines as well as significant heritage. No doubt the country's most famous monument, the Brandenburg Gate is a necessary step whilst on holiday in Germany in the Berlin area. The Reichstag, German Parliament, is also popular with travellers in the capital. Many German cities also have a TV tower with a panoramic viewing platform. But the stars of the architecture in Germany are the castles. They come in all shapes and sizes: either resembling palaces in urban areas, or massive fortresses, it is impossible not to come across one while on holiday. Perched in the south of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous in the country, it particularly inspired the castle in the “Sleeping Beauty” that is also found in all the Disneyland theme parks in the world. The time when the country appeared austere has passed and there are countless attractions in the country that make a holiday in Germany worthwhile.

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Weather Germany

  • Weather Berlin
    • 0°C - 3°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Munich
    • -3°C - 4°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Dusseldorf
    • 1°C - 4°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Cologne
    • 0°C - 5°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Frankfurt
    • -1°C - 3°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals