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Package Holidays in Japan

To Western eyes, Japan emerged as the country of sushi, manga, eccentricity and new technology. The country of the Rising Sun is above all fascinating, magical and exotic. Visiting Japan often begins with disorientation, just like in the movie Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola. Upon arrival in Tokyo, the traveller is immersed in an explosive world where illuminated signs with undecipherable characters succeed each other. Japan is an amazing country. Modernity and tradition come together smoothly. Tokyo is the height of modernism, with its dominating skyscrapers. Flood lights, incessant traffic, the bustling capital, swarming, it never sleeps. The atypical cities of Kyoto and Osaka and the peaceful scenery of the areas also attract visitors. A trip to Japan is brewing up. Although lower airfares and the strength of the pound are advantages to the British traveller, the cost of Japanese life is quite expensive. Before leaving, plan a budget. While you are there you will face the difficulty of finding your way around, which you will find is not a western legend.

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Places you must visit while on holiday in Japan

In Tokyo, you cannot miss the “Tokyo Tower”. 333 Metres high, the reproduction of the Eiffel Tower dominates the Japanese capital. Fans of Japanese culture, fashion, manga and video games will be in heaven as you walk in the Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara areas. During your holiday in Japan, if you can, go to Kyoto. The historical and cultural centre of the country of the Rising Sun will allow you to discover some of the hundreds of temples that dot the archipelago. You must also go to admire the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle. To approach Zen can make a stop at a “ryokan”, a traditional Japanese inn where you sleep on a futon, or try the “onsen”, the hot springs that provide wellness and beauty. Be aware during your holiday to respect the codes and rituals in these places. If you have a little more time, try climbing Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a pilgrimage that every Japanese person should accomplish. If the Japanese calendar is punctuated by four seasons, the best time to go on vacation in Japan are spring and autumn. From March to May, the mild weather and low rainfall accompany the cherry blossoms which cover the whole country in excitement. In autumn, once the typhoons in September have passed, October and November offer pleasant temperatures and a beautiful blaze of nature in shades of red, orange and yellow.

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  • Hakone, Excursions, Hakone, Japan


  • Miyama , Japan


  • Mount Fuji , Mount Fuji, Japan , Japan

    Mount Fuji

  • , The Daisetsuzan national Park, Landscapes, Japan

    The Daisetsuzan national Park

Weather Japan

  • Weather Tokyo
    • 23°C - 29°C
    • Light showers
    • Good weather
  • Weather Kyoto
    • 22°C - 29°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Osaka
    • 21°C - 29°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Fukuoka
    • 21°C - 23°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Kitakyushu
    • 22°C - 24°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals