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Package Holidays in Mexico

A package holiday to Mexico will offer a wide range of exciting and new experiences. Visit the ruins of pre-Columbian monuments, wander the charming colonial cities, venture to discover the national parks or stretch out and relax on a long sandy beach, these are the many possibilities that an all-inclusive package holiday to Mexico could offer. Mexico is a great mix of Hispanic culture mixed with North American influence, while maintaining the influence of civilisations that preceded the arrival of the Europeans in the country. Appreciate the famous Mexican cuisine, available in dozens of forms varying from region to region; quesadillas, tacos, chilaquiles and carnitas are a few of the many typical and rather spicy dishes that are available to try whilst on a package holiday in Mexico. The Mexican folklore are also particularly interesting, life is suspended there at the pace of religious or secular festivals, all opportunities to engage in particular activity that is especially popular with tourists staying in Mexico: la fiesta.

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Places you must visit while on holiday in Mexico

Holidaying in Mexico requires some organisation. There is a wide diversity of landscapes to see and to plan your stay around. The Mexican capital is a large part of Hispanic architecture and it is recommended to see the Palacio National or the Plaza Garibaldi, where the famous mariachi bands all gather together. Due to the heat and the pollution, the destination is quite tough to explore however it is well-suited to lovers of urban culture. To escape the promiscuity of Mexico, what better than to go for a walk in Teotihuacan, the pre-Columbian ruins where you can explore several different eras and civilisations? In the beautiful plain settings, you can admire the magic of the Mesoamerican Pyramids, such as those leading to the Sun and Moon. From the perspective of idleness, the city of Acapulco is perfect. This seaside town, south-east of the country, is famous worldwide for its beautiful coastline. Miles of beaches lie before you in Santa Lucia, one of the most beautiful bays in the whole world. If you are looking for more of a natural break, the country has many national parks with a variety of landscapes, the most famous, that of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, the best-known volcanoes in Mexico.

Weather Mexico

  • Weather Mexico City
    • 10°C - 22°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Guadalajara
    • 12°C - 24°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Monterrey
    • 17°C - 22°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Puebla
    • 10°C - 23°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Tijuana
    • 7°C - 19°C
    • Dry / Optimal
    • Good weather