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Package Holidays in United States of America

Myths die hard and the United States will always evoke a past of cowboys and Indians battling in the Wild West. Others will see it as the country of rock'n'roll or cinema. Anyway any package holiday to the United States will allow you to discover this country of extremes. Between natural breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary cities and special meetings; a package holiday in the U.S. is synonymous with unique experiences. Skiing in the mountains, sunbathe in the land of Uncle Sam, anything is possible at any time. There are many superlatives to describe the United States. This is the most powerful country in the world; with regards to economics, industry and of course the military. But an all inclusive holiday to the United States allows above anything a realisation that it is also the cultural centre of the world thanks to the creativity of its artists, the reputation of its intellectuals and its wealth of museums.

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Places you must visit while on holiday in United States of America

While on holiday in the United States, the first thing you notice is the contrast. The Great Lakes region near Chicago, the bayous of Mississippi, Yellowstone Park in the north-west and the Grand Canyon are some of the essential natural sites that you must visit if you plan to spend your holidays in the United States. But the cities also represent the inherent contrasts and diversity in the United States. Artificial immensity of the buildings in New York contradict the peace and charm of San Francisco, the glitter of Hollywood contradicts the frenzied rhythms of rock'n'roll in Memphis; this is what makes the United States fascinating. The other characteristic of the country is its vastness. Nearly 4500km separate New York from Los Angeles. Along the roads, there are always the famous cheap motels that contribute to the country's image. Yet it is also thanks to its huge stretches of land that we appreciate the United States: there is always something to do and see. To admire the wealth of this state-continent it is best to stay several weeks. Then grab a book by London or Kerouac for your trip and let's go on the road!

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Weather United States of America

  • Weather New York
    • 3°C - 7°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Los Angeles
    • 14°C - 15°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Chicago
    • 0°C - 1°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather San Francisco
    • 13°C - 15°C
    • Light showers
    • Sunny intervals
  • Weather Miami
    • 9°C - 25°C
    • Dry / Optimal
    • Good weather