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Big animals have become rarer as the forest has decreased. You may still be able to spot a few bears, deer, porcupines and monkeys. Leopards and ant-eaters put in a rare appearance too. Hong Kong's fauna also consists of civets, bats, 250 species of birds, and a relatively rare and endemic dolphin species, the pink dolphin, which is an endangered species.

  • Fauna , A macaque , Hong Kong
    A macaque

    Deforestation and urbanisation have had a serious effect on fauna, having caused the extinction of several arge animals, however many species still populate the island

    © Marcel Schauer / age fotostock
  • Fauna , Hong Kong
    The pink dolphin of Hong Kong

    16 species of dolphins have been listed in Hong Kong. Pollution from various sources threatens their survival.

    Fotosearch / Age Fotostock
  • Fauna , Hong Kong
    The eclectus parrot of Hong Kong

    This bird measures 13 to 16 inches long. The males have green feathers while the females have red and blue feathers.

    © William Perry / age fotostock
  • Fauna , Hong Kong
    Yellow-crested cockatoo of Hong Kong

    It is a parrot around 14 inches long that is entirely white other than its black beak and yellow crest. The males and females look alike.

    © William Perry / age fotostock
  • Fauna , Hong Kong
    The monkeys of Golden Hill

    These macaques are the descendants of domestic monkeys that were released into nature.

    © Kjersti Jorgensen / age fotostock
  • Fauna , Hong Kong

    Reptiles are very popular in Hong Kong and sometimes even serve as pets because they can adapt perfectly to living in an apartment.

    © ZoonarShullye Serhi / age fotostock
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