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17 Algiers hotels

Algiers the White (so nicknamed for the glare off the buildings) gets its incomparable charm from the fact that it is built on hills interrupted by valleys. Thanks to its position, it enjoys spectacular views which can be seen from the steep, narrow streets and the yo-yoing sets of steps. Its mazy kasbah has managed to keep its originality and is home to some superb Ottoman houses. Just like all of the other major North African cities, while the hotels may not have the comfort we are used to, they are highly affordable and extend a very warm welcome. Architects Pierre-Auguste Guiauchin and Charles Frédéric Chassériau built 19th century style constructions on the charming seafront including a town hall, theatres, the governor's palace and casinos, all of which make for an elegant promenade. Not far from here is the El Kébir grand mosque, a superb example of Almoravid Islamic architecture. The Alger-Centre neighbourhood, full of luxury boutiques and chic restaurants, is home to the most prestigious accommodations in the city. Those keen on history and art can go and visit the Bardo museum and the national museum of antiques and Islamic art.

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