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Rua da Ladeira 5, 8670-065 Aljezur, Portugal Aljezur, Portugal -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Amazigh (and, no, the name wasn't supposed to read 'amazing'), is a rare find in the Algarve. Right at the south western extremity of the region, in wild surfer territory, Aljezur, few tourists venture this far from Faro. Beyond Sagres and slightly up the western coast, this paradise was very welcome by two discerning travellers, us, who had just spent week trawling through some of the Algarve's busiest spots. The Amazigh in itself is a comfortable hostel run by two surfers with dorms and private rooms. About 10 minutes away, the guys also rent four villas for larger groups. The idyllic Aljezur village is a good reason to come to the area if peace and quiet, and wild sweeping empty beaches are what you are after. Not quite luxurious, the rooms here are comfortable. The hostel is largely self-catering.

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    • Hotel Amazigh Hostel and Villas

      Amazigh Hostel and Villas   -   © Julien Ferret / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Amazigh Hostel and Villas

      Amazigh Hostel and Villas   -   © Julien Ferret / EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 9.49 /10

    The hostel is located about 45 minutes' drive from Sagres in a tiny village flanking a slight hill with the ruins of a chapel on top. The views of the surroundings are beautiful from the top. There isn't much else in the surroundings but miles of beaches, some with calm waters for the little ones to go swimming and others with mammoth prime surfing material. The guys at the hostel are surfers so they will be able to give you the lowdown on the best spots to explore.

    The best way of getting around here is either by hiring a car or by bike. Faro airport is a good two hours away. You can either take the N-125 to Portimao, then the 124 and 266 to Monchique; from there, the 267 goes straight to Aljezur. It is also possible to take the A22 to Lagos and then 120 north and finally the 268, which goes straight there, however, the regulations for using the A22 have changed so we recommend you check this upon arrival.

    Accommodation 5.70 /10

    The hostel is a small little affair built on several open floors flanked to an impressive rock face. There are nine rooms in total, as well as four houses to rent with a shared pool off site.

    On site, there are seven private rooms (some with double beds, bunk beds or both) and two dorms. Every room has its own WC, although full bathrooms are shared for the dorm rooms. The private rooms have a separate bathroom. The rooms are all very basic but clean and comfortable. We especially liked the yellow floors!

    Overview 5.70 /10

    Aljezur was actually one of the last villages in the Algarve to be conquered by the Arabs over 700 years ago and 'Amazigh', the name of the hostel, actually means 'free people' in Berber. Flanking an impressive rock face that is part of the lounge décor downstairs, the hostel is a small building comprising a reception, dining area that doubles up as a television lounge, a small kitchen and an outdoor lounge. Up the fire escape-style stairs, you will find the rooms. Amazigh was opened in 2009.

    The hostel has Wi-Fi throughout and the charge is included in the room rate. There are also two computer terminals wired up to the internet, also free to use. Bikes can also be rented, and during our visit Joćo, was looking at adding a surf school (sponsored by Quiksilver).

    Food and drink

    As with most hotels, Amazigh is self-catering. It is possible, for three euro, to pre-book a breakfast (24 hours ahead), but for the most-part, guests here opt to make their own food or venture outside the hotel to local beach shacks and restaurants. The kitchen is fully equipped with hob, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and cooking utensils.

    Beach 9.70 /10

    Beaches in Aljezur are not what's missing; you'll have to go hunting for them though as there are no big wide open stretched lining the road like in other more touristy areas of the Algarve. This does mean that every beach is a surprise discovery - for specific surf spots or quiet swimming beaches, ask the guys at the hostel, who will be able to tell you exactly where to go. They recommended Arifana Amoreina about 4 miles away. Wherever you choose to spend your time, the beaches are all beautiful, large expanses of golden sands and transparent waters. Good to keep in mind though, is that the water is deceivingly cold until end of August, when an entire summer has heated the water.

    To know

    As well as the nine rooms at the hostel, about 10 minutes' drive away, are four villas with a shared pool. They are located a short drive from a spectacular beach lined by an impressively cut cliff and golden sands as far as the eye can see. Clean, spacious and practical (pictured), the houses are a great option if you need accommodation for a large group of family and friends.

    Travellers looking to stay at Amazigh must be aware that it is open only from March to December. The houses can be rented throughout the year, although this has to be checked with Joćo, the owner.


    • Internet access
    • Sports equipment



    • The location is beautiful.
    • Close to wild crowdless beaches (by car or bike).
    • The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.
    • There will soon be a diving club.


    • Like at all hostels, you never know who you'll be put with, in the dorms or who you will have to share the kitchen with.
    • If staying here, exploring the area is mandatory so make sure you can rent a car or bike to get around.

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