Hotel Emerald Palms Hotel 2 star
The Bluff, Driggs Hill Andros Town, Bahamas
Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Emerald Palms is a small and quiet hotel. Unpretentious, it is nonetheless comfortable. It attracts predominantly couples such as families, despite the presence of a kid's club. The rooms offer simple comfort, but it must be noted that the villas are more spacious and have more style.

  • Seaside
  • Family
  • Rest
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    Location 3.0 /10

    The hotel is located on the South Andros island. It takes only twenty minutes by air from Nassau to reach the island, then ten minutes by car to return to the Emerald Palms.

    Accommodation 7.20 /10

    The Emerald Palms has 33 rooms, including 17 standard rooms and 16 villas. The standard rooms are aligned next to each other on the same storey. Installed back-to-back, half of them are designed to face the pool, the other party on the beach and villas. Each room has a small terrace with two long wooden chairs, but they are not separated from common areas of the hotel. The standard room is pleasant, but really lacks some decoration. The area simply misses a personal touch to brighten the place. No phone or television is the policy of the hotel. You will only find a safe, a fan (no air conditioning), a hair dryer, a mosquito net above the bed, a refrigerator, an ironing board and an iron. Forget about room service. The same facilities are available in the villas except that they are much more pleasant. The villas each have their own colour, arranged in the small garden of the hotel and along the beach. The wood furniture in bright shades matches perfectly with the beige marble floors. The mosquito net is installed in the form of canopies above the bed. A nice round tub is installed in the same room as the bed. In the bathroom, made of pink marble, the shower is big enough to accommodate two or three people!

    Overview 6.95 /10

    Built in the early 1990s, the Emerald Palms is a hotel made up of small units in traditional Bahamese colours. The small lobby of the hotel is located on the lefthand side in the main building. A small white counter faces a small sitting area composed of two armchairs and a basket sofa that is actually the reception. On the lefthand side, you will find the same lounge, but it is housed next to the hotel bar. Decorated simply with a few fresh flowers, it still lacks some warmth. After passing this area, just across the restaurant you will go onto the outdoor terrace, a little bit dull, which faces the pool. This rectangular swimming pool does not reveal any particular charm despite six small jets of water supposed to represent a fountain. The gray slab of concrete that surrounds it makes the point fairly dull and even the plastic deckchairs arranged along the edge do not help for a difference.

    Food and drink 6.95 /10

    The hotel has only one restaurant for the three meals of the day. It works as a buffet, but not all day long. It offers local and international cuisine. The space is fairly well arranged: the tables are at fair distance leaving enough room for the intimacy of each customer. Small tables and chairs in yellow are scattered throughout the room. The place is a little dark but nothing can be compared with a candlelit dinner!

    Beach 6.70 /10

    The hotel is located just beside the beach, but what a disappointment! The area suffers greatly from its exposure to wind, the waves are endless. But the most unpleasant thing is that seaweeds litter the ground. What a pity, sand seems rather thin below your feet... You will find no particular construction development on the waterfront. However, there is a beautiful beach of white sand less than 6 miles away...

    To know

    The Emerald Palms is not a hotel of sports, except for those who practice nap. No sports infrastructure exists at the moment. You can still hike on a bicycle to discover the landscape around. The hotel also has a club where children are offered various activities such as drawing, sandcastles tournaments, disguises...


    • Car park
    • Internet access
    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment


    • Whirlpool bath


    • The villas
    • Calm and relaxing


    • The beach is located beside the hotel
    • Exposure to wind

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    • Overall Score nc/10