Hotel Small Hope Bay Lodge Hotel 3 star
Fresh Creek Andros Town, Bahamas
Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Small Hope Bay Lodge is a hotel with simple comforts... Its advantage: the warm ambience. Its disadvantage: the decoration. The customers are predominantly families. It also attracts many diving enthusiasts. Built in the 1960s, it was the first hotel equipped with a diving center. The Canadian Dick Birch had only four bungalows then...

  • Seaside
  • Family
  • Flight
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    Location 3.01 /10

    The hotel is located on the island of Andros. It takes only twenty minutes by air from Nassau to reach the island. Then, plan ten minutes to drive to the hotel.

    Accommodation 6.95 /10

    The 18 bungalows of Small Hope Bay Lodge are installed along the beach. Built of wood, they are all on one floor. In front of each door (which do not have keys), there are two wooden armchairs side by side. The room is very dark but quite spacious. There is no particular decoration except for a bedspread and unicolour curtains with marine motifs. If you want to enjoy air conditioning, you will have to pay a supplement. A water fountain serves as a mini-bar... of course, there is no television nor telephone. The bathroom is tiny...

    Overview 6.45 /10

    You enter the Small Hope Bay Lodge through... the children space... Some plastic equipment (quite worn-out) is stored on the right, a library is incorporated into the room. The main living space is at the end of the corridor. Here, the restaurant, the bar, and the lounge share the same space. The atmosphere is very friendly. However, the furniture needs serious refurbishment... The sofas are only mattresses protected by sheet covers... Accompanied by cushions the size of a pillow... In short, the place could very well be a room perfect for a nap...

    Food and drink 6.95 /10

    The Small Hope Bay Lodge has only one restaurant. Some dark-coloured wood tables are installed opposite the buffet, which is not very large. It therefore does not serve dishes la carte. The cuisine is local (a lot of fish) but quite greasy. Be aware that children under 10 years do not dine with adults. A meal is served in the room which serves as a playroom. If the weather allows it, the Small Hope Bay Lodge has an outdoor terrace facing the sea where it is possible to organise barbecues. It is more pleasant to take your meals in the open air rather than being locked inside.

    Beach 7.20 /10

    The beach of the Small Hope Bay Lodge is quite nice but you would have expected a more "postcard-like" setting. The sand is fine, the water is clear but some algae strewn onto the soil just spoil the scenery. Besides, the place is not protected from the wind. Some deckchairs are installed in the grass, the beach not being very large.

    To know

    Andros is one of the largest outer islands in the Bahamas. The divers can explore the third largest coral reef in the world: 140 miles long and 5,900 feet deep.
    The Small Hope Bay Lodge offers simple comforts, enough for those who want to dive all day, disappointing for those seeking a comfortable hotel for relaxation.


    • Shuttle bus
    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Spa


    • Sports equipment

      sailing, kayak

    • Whirlpool bath


    • Convivial ambiance
    • Warm reception


    • Little charm
    • Exposure to wind

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10