Hotel Tiamo Ecolodge Hotel 3 star
Tiamo Beach Andros Town, Bahamas
Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Tiamo Ecolodge is a small, but an exceptional hotel! Here, there are no keys, no television, nor telephone ... The spirit: during my holidays I forget everything... It is a quite unique concept in the Bahamas: the nature reigns all over and the entire operation of the hotel is based on environmental protection. A hotel orientated entirely to couples, as it does not accept children! As for the equipment, it does not offer much, so our assessment is not very high. The property is still worth seeing...

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    Location 3.0 /10

    The hotel is located on South Andros island. It takes only twenty minutes by air from Nassau to reach the island. Once arriving at the airport, a few minutes later by car, then about ten minutes by boat and you will reach Tiamo.

    Accommodation 7.20 /10

    The Tiamo Resort has eleven bungalows independent of each other, arranged along the beach. They are situated very close but they are not seen from the sea, hidden behind the vegetation. A water fountain is used to rinse feet before entering the bungalow. Each room is protected only by a net, there are no walls or windows. A simple curtain helps to isolate the bed from the small corridor surrounding the bungalow. Needless to ask for your key, there is none. You can, however, lock up in your room for the night thanks to a small iron latch. A small sitting area with two wooden armchairs, is located at the entrance. A small step shows you your space at night, so be careful! As for the equipment, air conditioning has not been installed. It reveals, however, that the space is designed in a manner that the air circulates permanently... But you will be happy to find a fan above the bed! All furniture of raw wood blends perfectly with the decoration. There is no television, no telephone, no mini-bar, no safe and no room service. However, if you want some coffee, it may be brought in the morning right to your room. All these pieces of equipment does not correspond to the spirit of the hotel. The bathroom is located at the rear of the bungalow. The green wooden shutters are designed to protect the area from the outside. This colourful place is equipped with an apparent basin and a shower. It also removes almost all pressure ... Finally, if you do not find a hair dryer, do not be surprised, there is none!

    Overview 7.20 /10

    During a journey by boat, you would gradually discover the beautiful white sand beach. All the staff of the Tiamo is welcoming you on the dock pontoon. You can take off your shoes that you can take back when leaving. At the end of the pontoon, you can see a beautiful place surrounded by a virgin forest among other palm and coconut trees. The main building, the Main lodge, which brings together all parts of the hotel (the restaurant, the lounge and bar), is built of timber. The entrance door and the windows are equipped by anti-mosquito nets. This is the only common place in the hotel. Some tables to the left serve as the office of the restaurant. On the right, two small corner rooms are equipped with sofas and basket chairs, with comfortable green chairs. They are arranged around the bar counter. The beige walls show off the raw wooden construction and the beam roof. All this offers a beautiful harmony and a warm decoration, clean of any excess details.

    Food and drink 6.95 /10

    The main restaurant is located in the Main Lodge. Several tables are ready to welcome guests. So you can eat three meals a day. The breakfast operates as a buffet (from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM): toast, fruit, coffee, tea, chocolate... The chef also offers a hot dish, which is different every day. For lunch, from 12:00 AM to 02:00 PM, several dishes are available. Between 06:00 PM and 07:00 PM, all the hotel guests gather around the bar for a drink in a friendly atmosphere. Dinner is served very early! The chef will therefore himself inform you about the dinner menu. The cuisine is a mix of local and international flavours. You should remember that during the snack hour, coffee and tea are offered, along with delicious homemade cookies, a real feast!

    Beach 7.20 /10

    The Tiamo Resort beach is beautiful in appearance but yet may disappoint you. The sand is very thin, but once your feet get into the water, rocks buried in the sand and algae tarnish the landscape. These waters are not troubled by algae yet but do you know this slimy feeling when you walk on algae...? The side of the beach where there are no bungalows is much more pleasant but you must still pass through petty slippery rocks. Do not go too far, you may be surprised by certain smells... Given the scene, you may expect to find an idyllic beach. Two wooden deckchairs are installed in front of each bungalow. Red mattresses make them a little more comfortable. However, lovers of sunburns would rely on the vegetation for a share, as there are no umbrellas. Finally, avoid staying on the deckchair at the end of the day, due to the sand fleas, then accompanied by mosquitoes, who will gladly eat you up! The mosquito repellent is available in every room and upon leaving the main building... Believe us, it is not just a couple of bites but a real invasion!

    To know

    According to the wish of the owner Michael Hartman, no road was built to reach the hotel. All travels, both for clients and for supply of provisions, is by boat. Everything here is therefore designed to preserve the environment, for example by composting waste. It is needless to bring your cell phone, you will not get any cell network. There is no phone in the rooms.
    If you wish, a person of the hotel staff will make a tour of the property with you in order to explain you how the electrical installations, water collection function... Do not forget your anti-mosquito product, mosquitoes will not let you at peace!
    The hotel is a good place to stay for a honeymoon, and children would not bother you because they are not accepted.


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    • Sand fleas and mosquitoes
    • Rocks and algae in the water

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