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Hotel Aurum Spa and Beach Resort Hotel 3 star
Didim, Turkey -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

Guests arriving at the Lookéa Marina Beach are in for a pleasant surprise. It is a friendly and charming little club whose facilities are nearly all concentrated in the same place, meaning that you can really make the most of the organised activities. The flip side, however, is that there is not much chance of finding a secluded spot away from everyone else. Unfortunately, the hotel's location is a bit of a drawback: it is a whopping 75 mi from the sea resort of Bodrum, which means that you can't simply pop out for a wander around town.

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    • Hotel Aurum Spa and Beach Resort

      Aurum Spa and Beach Resort   -   © Julien Ferret / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Aurum Spa and Beach Resort

      Aurum Spa and Beach Resort   -   © Julien Ferret / EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 1.0 /10

    The Lookéa Marina Beach is just on the edge of the village of Abkuk, 16 mi from the town of Didim, so it is quite a way from the lively town of Bodrum. It takes about an hour and a quarter to drive there from the airport, 48 mi away, and almost 2 hours to reach Bodrum, 75 mi away.

    Accommodation 7.45 /10

    The club's 130 rooms are cleverly spread around the estate, in small bungalow blocks built on two levels. The ground floor rooms can sleep up to 3 guests, while the upstairs rooms have a mezzanine making them big enough for 5. There is nothing remarkable about the inside of these units; the interior decorating is rather simple and lacking in detail. One would've imagined something a little more joyful. However, the rooms are comfortable enough and boast some amenities such as a television, a safe (extra charge), air conditioning, and a refrigerator. As for the bathroom, it's quite functional, albeit a little small. There is a little balcony outside but you cannot make the most of it, owing to the lack of furniture.

    Overview 7.70 /10

    Although renovations are carried out on a yearly basis, the age of the establishment is hard to conceal (it opened in 1995). Some portions of the hotel are in a poor state and could do with a fresh coat of paint. Despite all this, guests are greeted with a friendly and warm welcome as they arrive in the reception area, which is quite charming, thanks to its patio that is open to the outside. You'll feel like you're in a small village. Long stairways lead to the swimming pool, around which life at the club is centred. It's quite big, with plastic deckchairs all around it, and although there are no sunshades, the surrounding trees successfully fulfil the same role. Any hope of enjoying the peaceful surroundings though are soon drowned out by the music! Remember to bring your own towel to the beach or you'll have to spend 2 pounds 50 to hire one for the day. A deposit of approximately 8 pounds is also required. Snacks are on offer in case you're feeling peckish. Don't hesitate to take a seat at the very pleasant lounge bar, with its white sheets stretched overhead to offer respite from the sun.

    Food and drink 7.20 /10

    There are two restaurant options here. The first is the hotel's main restaurant, which has seating for up to 300 guests - rather too many, considering the amount of space taken up by the tables. It is a pleasant setting though, with the swimming pool glinting through the surrounding greenery in the foreground. The second swimming pool is a bit further away and offers a pretty panoramic view over the sea. If you wish to eat as a group there are big tables inside the dining room, which opens out onto a terrace where smaller tables are set out under the shade of the trees. Meals are served as a buffet, and although the spread is nothing fancy, it consists of a perfectly good selection of international dishes and the odd local dish. This first restaurant is open for the three meals of the day, whereas the hotel's second restaurant is only open for dinner. Since the latter is much smaller and only seats up to 50 guests at a time, you can only eat there once a week. Choose your evening carefully! The two menus consist of Italian dishes.

    Beach 6.70 /10

    Obviously, the beach is open to the public, but it is not an easy location to reach from outside and the hotel's equipment is reserved for the use of its guests. The hotel redesigned the whole beach which, prior to its arrival, had absolutely no sand. Now, there is sand down to the water's edge but pebbles rule the roost once you are in the water itself. The plastic deckchairs and straw parasols are spread out in square patches, and are far enough apart from each other not to feel packed together like sardines. The water is clear and the setting peaceful, enabling you to enjoy the pretty view over the entire bay of the village of Abkuk.

    To know

    As with all Lookéa clubs, children are well looked after, although some of the facilities provided for them could do with being updated. The children's club has its own swimming pool and an indoor and outdoor play area, and outside the school holidays children from 3 to 6 years of age are welcomed into the 'Looky Club P'tit Malin' club. During the school holidays though, the Looky Club Mini is provided for 4-8 years olds, the Looky Club Junior for 8-12 year olds, and Lookéa's Jeun's for 12-16 year olds.
    The French-speaking team which organises the activities is made up of 12 members and there are things to do both by day and by night.
    The hotel is open from April until the beginning of October.


    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Spa


    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment

      dance, gym, step, water-polo, basketball, football, tennis, archery, volleyball, paddle boats, canoe, sailing


    • The warm welcome
    • The beach


    • The club's immediate surroundings
    • The lack of privacy

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score 7.40/10