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    Location 10.0 /10

    Chez Luizette is located on the island of Santo Antao in the village of Ponta do Sol, north of the island. The airport is located in Ponta do Sol, but if you arrive by boat, you shore in Porto Novo on the other side of the island and will borrow the beautiful and spectacular "route of the rope."

    Accommodation 5.90 /10

    Five rooms accommodate guests in the older building and 6 rooms operate in the new one. The rooms have no air conditioning but have a fan instead. This is quite enough as the rooms are well ventilated. They are spacious (12 m²) and decorated in light shades (white). All have a bathroom with a bathtub and hot water.

    Overview 6.20 /10

    Opened as a small boarding house in 1998, Chez Luisette has been expanded. It is currently composed of 2 two-storey buildings. One building is located in the city centre and the second, opened more recently, stands at the entrance to the city.

    Food and drink 6.20 /10

    A panoramic restaurant offers Cape Verdean cuisine but is served at tables that seat 6 people. The dish of the day costs between 5 and 7 euros. Breakfast is simple - fruit, juice, jam and cheese.

    To know

    Chez Luizette is a boarding house divided into 2 buildings: one is modern and lies at the entrance to the city, and the other one is in the city centre.


    • A small structure (11 rooms)
    • Warm reception
    • Panoramic restaurant


    • Order in advance for the restaurant
    • The concrete construction of the building

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10