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    • Hotel Pedracin Village

      Pedracin Village   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Pedracin Village

      Pedracin Village   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 3.0 /10

    Located on the island of Santo Antao, 12 miles away from Ribeira Grande, the boarding house offers a beautiful view over the valley of Boca de Coruja. It is surrounded by fields of sugar cane and bananas. Magnificent landscapes !

    Accommodation 7.70 /10

    In total, there are ten houses with 2 rooms each. Each house has a bathroom with shower, toilet, air conditioning, a telephone line, television (3 channels) and a large built-in cupboard. The decoration is simple, with a tiled floor, white plaster wall, and ornaments made of wicker on the walls.

    Overview 7.70 /10

    These small villas were built in 2003 in the traditional stone-and-straw style of the island and are scattered over an area of 4 hectares. Cement replaces the cob but it is not visible to the tourist. Part of the land is devoted to agriculture to meet the needs of the hotel. The common areas are much more modern and the roofs are made of red tiles produced in Portugal. It fits quite well. The paths connecting the boarding house and the common areas are paved and very flowery. The swimming pool is for courageous guests.

    Food and drink 7.70 /10

    The restaurant offers a very hearty breakfast from 7.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. in buffet style, including omelette, cachupa, cakes, doughnuts, couscous, local fruit juice and coffee. To make sure that the same style of decoration is preserved, the furniture is also made of wicker. A panoramic terrace overlooks the valley. Traditional cuisine is served at all meals.

    To know

    The advantage of this place is its freshness and relaxing atmosphere


    • Air conditioning
    • Swimming pool


    • Very calm atmosphere, coolness
    • Nice view onto the valley
    • Fine decoration for a mountain hotel (use of noble materials)


    • Cool climate

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    • Overall Score nc/10