Hotel Kakslauttanen Hotel 2 star
Lapland 99830 Saariselka Finland Kiilopaa, Finland -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

If the unique experience of sleeping in an igloo made of ice or, if that sounds a bit chilly, one made of glass, appeals to you, then this is the place for you! Alternatively, if the idea of an adventure that could leave you shivering at least for one night doesn't tempt you, you can always spend the night in an ultra-comfortable real wooden chalet instead. This hotel, immersed in nature and free of televisions and telephones, is the perfect place to get away from it all.

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    Location 3.0 /10

    The hotel is located in Kiilopaa, some 6 and a half miles north of Saariselka, in the northern part of Finnish Lapland, and just a few miles from Urho Kekkonen national park.

    Accommodation 8.20 /10

    The hotel offers 3 types of accommodation. There are 23 very basic ice igloos where the temperature hovers between 0 and 6 degrees, 20 glass igloos which are heated but do not have a shower, and 31 very comfortable wooden chalets with a sauna and fireplace.
    The traditional cabins (max. 4 guests) have a kitchen, fireplace, bathroom with a shower/toilet, and a private sauna. The cabins are spaced apart to ensure maximum privacy, and you can really switch off and connect with nature because there are no televisions or telephones either.
    The luxury cabins also include 5 suites with an outdoor jacuzzi, a free-standing bathtub, a four-poster bed and a very comfortable lounge area.
    Staying in the glass igloos is a unique experience, especially if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed. The suites also have a washbasin and toilet (don't worry - people cannot see in from outside), whilst the shower is in a separate building.
    The most unusual experience is to be had in an ice igloo, keeping warm in a sleeping bag and snuggled up in reindeer skins. Remember to use the bathroom before you bed down for the night, though, because it is not very close to the igloos, and the last thing you will want to do in the middle of the night is leave your cosy sleeping bag! The hotel will lend you the sleeping bags you need.

    Overview 7.70 /10

    The main building is a wooden chalet which houses the reception, restaurant and bar spread over several levels in friendly and authentic surroundings. This is where guests first arrive, eat their meals, use the Internet if need be, relax with a drink until all hours, and pick up their sleeping bags if they have arranged to stay in the ice igloos. The bar is in another room, and takes you straight back to the Seventies, with original armchairs, a rounded fireplace and a large bar.

    Pathways sprawl over the vast property, leading out to the chalets, the lake, which is spanned by a bridge, the igloos and the 2 traditional saunas, as well as the biggest smoke sauna in the world (payable locally). Culture enthusiasts will be pleased to see the original works of art created in the '70's are dotted here and there throughout the complex.

    Food and drink 6.45 /10

    Breakfast and dinner are served in the main building. The local cuisine served here is nothing special and is less than refined, with dinner consisting of a choice of 2 starters, 2 main dishes and 2 desserts. Breakfast consists of a fairly copious buffet to ensure you get a good start to the day and set off for the cold outdoors full of energy, whilst there is also a bar serving snacks, pastries, coffee and tea at lunchtime and throughout the day in case you feel peckish.

    To know

    A special honeymoon cabin is also available on request.
    Kakslauttanen offers a personal range of excursions.
    If the temperatures are too high, you will stay in a glass igloo or a cabin rather than an ice igloo.


    • Car park
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Spa


    • Animals allowed
    • Meeting room


    • The originality of the accommodation (glass or ice igloos)
    • The luxury of the suites, in the midst of nature


    • You can easily get lost (all part of the fun!)
    • Some of the rooms are a really long way from the restaurant
    • The igloos have no showers

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10