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Hotel Kilifi Bay Hotel 4 star
Kilifi, Kenya -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

This reasonably sized hotel located on the north coast of Kenya will definitely bring happiness to more than just a few. If you are not keen on sports amenities, then the Kilifi Bay is definitely for you! This small hotel has the virtue of being comfortable and welcoming, and it even offers you a free massage! It is a short one, granted, but still an extremely rare feature in a hotel. With a total capacity of 112 guests, there is no lack of space for the mostly French, English and Polish clientele, which consists of couples as well as families, although no special amenities have been designed for the latter. Although not in the first flush of youth (it is now over 15 years old), the Kilifi Bay has been kept in good shape!

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    Location 10.0 /10

    Located in Kilifi, on the north coast of Mombasa, the Kilifi Bay is easily accessible via the bridge linking this part of the coast to Mombasa. The hotel is around 45 mi from the airport, or more concretely, one hour by car. A distance of 37 mi separates it from Mombasa.

    Accommodation 7.20 /10

    The 49 guest rooms of the Kilifi Bay are well spread out all around the hotel garden. Consisting of bungalows, they are easily accessible. Those of you who enjoy a quiet setting ought to book into a garden bungalow, while the others need to know that some of the rooms are right in front of the pool! Their terrace is spacious enough to accommodate a great big relaxation bed and some garden furniture. Inside, the vintage double bed is sheltered with a mosquitoe net. There are few characteristic features in the room, in fact, there is practically no decoration at all. The only facilities missing, however, are a telephone and room service. A small dressing table set up in the corridor leading to the bathroom gives the lady of the house an added opportunity to powder her nose. However, this has nothing to do with the size of the bathroom, which is more than large enough. The soap, shower gel, and shampoo are all complimentary.

    Overview 7.20 /10

    The kindness and smiling faces of the Kilifi Bay's staff never fail to put guests in a good mood as soon as they arrive! The lobby's aesthetic appeal resides in the fact that it is bathed in natural light. A bench seat is located in the centre of the room, inviting you to make yourself comfortable. It is high time to remove and replace its fabric, however. Head for the pool without a moment's hesitation! There are 2 at the Kilifi Bay. The first one is somewhat secluded and doesn't seem to get very busy: there is not a deckchair in sight. In contrast, the second one is located in the centre of the hotel and seems to be the heart of the establishment. Its curvy shape blends in perfectly with the decor, which boasts lush greenery. This time, there is no lack of deckchairs, and even if there are organized activities, the siesta times, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, are duly respected!

    Food and drink 6.70 /10

    Two restaurants share the spotlight at the Kilifi Bay. The main restaurant, the Fisherman's, serves all 3 daily meals as a buffet, which, incidentally, is not always easily accessible seeing as it is set up at the back of the room. The cuisine is mostly international, but you will have a chance to taste some local specialities. It would have been nice to have some tables set up outside, even though the dining room was airy enough. The second restaurant, called Teppan Yaki, is specialized in seafood served la carte. The dishes cost between 13 and 25 pounds...

    Beach 7.20 /10

    As the beaches in Kenya are public, the hotel cannot lay out deckchairs on the sand. This is unfortunate, as there would be enough room for guests to retain some privacy and space. The advantage of the deckchairs being on the hotel lawn is that the 'beach boys' aren't so fiercely active, but as it is, there are guards to keep an eye on them so that they don't bother the hotel guests. Near the water, the sand is fine and a pretty colour, but you will need sandals to go into the sea because of the great number of dead coral buried in the sand along the shore. You won't find it easy swimming when the tide is out, as the water recedes as far back as the coral reef.

    To know

    For those who are wondering, Mombasa has little in the way of tourist attractions, but it would, nevertheless, be a shame not to take the time to visit the old town. The district could definitely do with a little makeover. Fort Jesus is an interesting place to see and its history is actually a fascinating one. Built in the 17th century by the Portuguese, its purpose was to protect the port from foreign invasions.
    Those who are used to sunbathing topless should bear in mind that in Kenya it is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.
    Renovations are carried out during the off season, so you will find the hotel closed for some time between April and May.


    • Car park
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Spa

      massage, spa, sauna, beauty salon

    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment

      aqua gym, beach volley, canoe, fitness

    • Meeting room


    • The beach bar
    • Free massages


    • The terraces of the rooms look onto one another
    • The decoration in the guest rooms

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