Hotel Edenvillage Sikania Resort Spa Hotel 4 star
Via Delle Ginestre Localitą Tenutella, 93010 Marina Di Butera, Italie Licata, Italy -
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At the end of a dusty road, right in the middle of nowhere, the Sikania Resort & Spa welcomes you into a protected area, with all the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. It is the ideal destination for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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    • Hotel Edenvillage Sikania Resort Spa

      Edenvillage Sikania Resort Spa   -   © EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Edenvillage Sikania Resort Spa

      Edenvillage Sikania Resort Spa   -   © EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 3.0 /10

    Marina di Butera is a town whose name is not even on the map. It is a sort of seaside extension of a rocky little village on the side of a mountain a few miles from the coast. This little village is called Butera and everyone in the area will be able to give you directions to the Eden Sikania Resort & Spa, better known as Sikania. Indeed, it is not rare for holidaymakers to follow the name of the village only to arrive at Butera and realize that not a single road directly links the centre of the village with this little part of the coast. It would be better to head towards Licata or Gela, where you will come across Marina di Bustera, situated exactly halfway between these two towns. If you choose to stay at the Sikania, don't expect to spend your evenings wandering the little streets of the nearest historic village. The establishment is located in the middle of nowhere and was designed so that you can spend the entire day there, although various excursions are organised. The Sikania is about 137 mi from Palermo's airport and 62 mi from Catania airport.

    Accommodation 7.20 /10

    Still only new, the Sikania Resort & Spa only opened its doors in the summer of 2008. During our visit the following year, the village still looked like it had only just opened, as though brand new, and unfortunately giving the impression of a rather fragile structure, that may be magnificent but is not very resistant. The village is a long structure. From the entrance where the car park is located, to the sports grounds at the far end, the following structures can be found. First, there is the very large reception area with an information point, where you can reserve activities and excursions, and with comfortable sofas and tables identical to the ones on the first floor terrace, which offers an amazing view of the sea. Then you will emerge into an outdoor area inspired by the model of the antique Sicilian court. Here you will find a (purely decorative!) pool in the middle and, to the side, a corridor in the form of a gallery made up of little shops, bazaars and a well-being centre, which leads to the village's central meeting point and centre of entertainment: the bar and its tables that is equally pleasant both inside and out, the amphitheatre for the evening show, the restaurant and the swimming pool. Towards the back of this large space you will find the games room, the sports room and the kids club. To get to the guest rooms, you have to go through another gallery, and keep going straight in the direction of the "market town". Then pass between two rows of houses adorned with flowers and climbing plants, and turn left to go to the beach.

    Overview 7.20 /10

    Let's start with the bad news: the guest rooms are very far from the entrance. As the structure of the village stretches out length-wise, you will notice the long distances between its different parts, although after the first day you do get used to this. A porter service, equipped with golf cart-type electric vehicles, is available to transfer your luggage from the reception directly to your room, but as for you, you will have no choice but to go by foot. Besides, since the village's philosophy is based on fitness and sports, it's better to get used to it right away... The establishment has a total of 128 rooms. They look like small independent apartments from bucolic village, although they are not equipped with a kitchen. The decor is rather elegant, decorated in blue and silver-grey tones, interspersed with some white. The sofa at the entrance of these spacious rooms can easily be turned into a third bed. The rooms on the first floor come with a balcony and the ones on the ground floor have a little terrace with a table. Whether they have a view of the sea, the countryside or the market town, all of the rooms have individual air conditioning. However, given the village's particularly windy location, the heat is never suffocating and the nights are pleasantly comfortable. The bathroom is modern and welcoming, and has that little Spartan something that makes the grains of sand on the ground, which can be found in many seaside homes, harmonious with the rest of the room. The wooden key to be plugged into the socket to access the electricity is exemplary proof of this village's philosophy, welcoming, unpretentious, and simply in contact with nature. 8 rooms are especially designed for guests with reduced mobility.

    Food and drink 6.70 /10

    A spacious exterior terrace that looks directly over the swimming pool welcomes a large majority of guests at the village for lunch and dinner. Waiters are present only to set and clear the tables; for the rest you have to serve yourself, both for food and drinks. These include bottomless non-alcoholic drinks, wine and draught beer. The interior dining hall, divided into two perpendicular wings, is huge. The restaurant can hold up to 480 diners. The central buffet offers cold starters, vegetables, fruit and deserts, and hot dishes are served at various windows along the sides. At the back there is a space reserved for "show cooking", where cooks prepare pasta and grilled dishes in front of your eyes. As this is a genuine, 100% Italian restaurant, a large number of pizzas are made and enjoyed every evening to avoid letting down the culinary stereotype. Once a week, the restaurant organises a Sicilian evening. We appreciated the baby feeding area, with microwaves to reheat little jars and dishes for the littlest guests. If you wish to get away from the crowd of this main restaurant, where everything except coffee is included in the formula, you can choose the relaxing tranquillity of the beach bar under the shade of its thatched roof. Thanks to an agreement with the fishermen from the nearby village of Licata, it is possible to enjoy the catch of the day in the evening. You can't choose your meal and you just eat what is on offer, but you can count on the catch coming fresh from the sea. We had the pleasure of listening to a phone conversation between the village's manager and a fisherman. Whether it's sea bass or rock lobster, you are guaranteed to be served fresh fish for a couple of dozen pounds on top of the price of your all-inclusive formula.

    Beach 6.70 /10

    You'll either love it, or you'll hate it. The beach at the Sikania Resort & Spa has the same characteristics as the village; these same qualities that are faults for some but attributes for others. As an integral part of an SCI zone, the sand dunes cannot be touched. There is no sandy beach for as far as the eye can see, which is not because of poor management, but simply because it is strictly forbidden to level out the beach and damage its ecosystem. Everything must be done in a way that makes as little impact as possible upon the local environment. Leading to the beach, the wooden bridge was created to protect the beetles and other insects from being squashed by allowing them to pass underneath. Although it may seem like the surrounding vegetation was left to grow wild, this is simply indigenous flora that cannot be removed. To stick to the theme, everything has been made out of wood, including the tables, chairs, sunshades and deck chairs, and all of this in a tasteful design. For those who appreciate this type of thing, it is a beautiful alternative to the artificial charm of the French Riviera, where comfort is a sure thing but contact with nature is inexistent. De gustibus non est disputandum. We liked it. The wind on the beach blows almost constantly. It's perfect for preventing you from suffering from the heat during tanning sessions and for doing water sports like kite and windsurfing. The school, run by a certified instructor, organises classes for an extra charge, with top quality equipment. For the less adventurous, a beach volleyball court is at your disposal and the even less courageous can play a good game of petanque.

    To know

    The village is located in a SCI zone (Site of Community Importance) and because of this, it is subject to a whole series of environment-based restrictions: It is forbidden to flatten out the sand dunes, and numerous animal species are protected by various measures, such as, for example, via wooden tunnels that allow insects to pass above ground without being trampled on by humans. Moreover, the natural vegetation is preserved, and no chemical products are used to maintain the gardens. The Sikania Resort has managed to make the most of these regulations and has built its establishment and the village's philosophy around this ethic. Turtles come to lay their eggs in this area, where some 20 bird species live and which many little hopping hares cross. If you're not scared by the harmless beetles that live peacefully along the village pavements, and if you like a simple life in contact with nature, this place was made for you. Far from having a refined and pretentious clientele, the village is attracting more and more sports enthusiasts. The sports grounds are situated at the back, in the area opposite the reception, and here you can play tennis, volleyball or basketball. Aquagym holds an important place in the swimming pool. The real attraction though, are the kite and windsurfing lessons organised by an official, certified instructor. This is also a way to appreciate one of the characteristics of this area, which at first is not an entirely positive one: the incessant wind blowing through the region. Not only a remedy for the elevated summer temperatures found in Sicily, this is also ideal for water sports fanatics.


    • Sports equipment

      basketball, beach volley, tennis, gym, canoe, kayak, sailing


    • The protected nature
    • The windy environment, ideal in summer
    • A recent structure


    • The Spartan environment
    • The structure feels rather unfinished

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        Non eccezionale,ma un buon posto,a contatto con la natura,quasi all inclusive,possibilitą di fare sport,animazione non troppo invadente.

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        Lo sport e soprattutto il vento,buono per il kitesurf.

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        Il vino della casa,compreso nell'all inclusive,non č il massimo dalla vita.

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