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Hotel Disneyland Hôtel Hotel 5 star
Disneyland Resort Paris B.p. 111 77777 Marne-la-Vallée, France -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

Who doesn't know the legendary Disneyland Paris Hotel, the palace of princesses that all little girls will love. Welcome to a Victorian-style castle where the splendour will take your children's breath away. However, in terms of your budget, coming with the family will put quite a hole in your wallet. But what wouldn't we do to make our little princes and princesses happy?

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    • Hotel Disneyland Hôtel

      Disneyland Hôtel   -   © Disney

    • Hotel Disneyland Hôtel

      Disneyland Hôtel   -   © Disney

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    Location 9.0 /10

    The Disneyland Paris Hotel is in the township of Marne-La-Vallée, east of Paris. To reach it from Paris you just have to take the RER A. Otherwise, there is a TGV train station in Marne-La-Vallée with connections to London, Lille, Strasbourg and even the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The Disneyland Paris Hotel is at the entrance to the park. It will take you 2 minutes to get there from your room. Ideal and practical.

    Accommodation 8.00 /10

    The 476 rooms are all decorated in the theme of princesses and fairies but we have to say that the decor is somewhat quaint and disappointing for the price. As is customary, you will find the Disney characters in the furniture and the fabrics. Pastel green and pink are the main colours here. The guest rooms can accommodate two adults and two children and are practically all communicating. You will have all the amenities you need to be comfortable: a television, telephone, mini-bar, air-conditioning and room-service. Marble and Victorian-style tap fixtures in the bathrooms. There is even a bathtub. For the decor, it's pastels and a Victorian style.

    Overview 8.00 /10

    This Victorian-style hotel was built in 1992. Imposing is the word that comes to mind when you see it. Then again, it is THE Disney hotel! Children will really feel like they are in a fairy tale, especially little girls. Disney characters welcome children in the lobby (which is huge). Princesses are the main theme of this hotel. There is even an area reserved for little girls who wish to dress or have hair and make-up done like a princess. It is possible to have a photo taken as a souvenir. A majestic double staircase reigns in the middle of the lobby where from time to time a brass band strikes up a few Disney songs at the top of the stairs. The Disneyland Paris Hotel is the only Disney hotel to offer its guests a spa where it is possible to receive massages and treatments. You will also find a fitness room, a sauna, a hammam and a whirlpool bath in addition to an indoor swimming pool bathing in natural light, thanks to the veranda that protects it and looks out onto a tree-planted garden. The massages are both for adults and children and parents can take courses to learn how to give their little ones a massage. The Disneyland Paris Hotel can be proud of being the only Disney hotel to have a mini-club (ages 4-11), the Minnie club!, open every afternoon for free. Games for the little ones, a dress-up room... Those a little older will enjoy the video arcade.

    Food and drink 8.20 /10

    The theme of the hotel's main restaurant can be seen in its name. It isn't for nothing that it is called 'Inventions'. Various inventions are exhibited in the panelling-clad dining hall. The atmosphere is warm and cosy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as a buffet with the main theme being the sea, seafood and fish. Morning and night, Disney characters come by to wish you a good meal. The hotel's second restaurant, California Grill, is themed on the valleys of California. Here it's flowered curtains and wallpaper. It is the best rated à la carte menu in Disneyland Paris. Here's a little secret, the stars love it. The international cuisine and the cellar hold some genuine treasures. The wines are of an excellent quality. You can enjoy snacks, pastries and drinks in a musical atmosphere all day long at the Café Fantasia. Musical scores decorate the walls.

    To know

    At the Disneyland Paris Hotel you will find a spa where you can receive massages and body and face treatments, as well as classes where you can learn how to give massages to your children. This is the only Disneyland Paris hotel that has a mini-club open every afternoon for free.


    • Shuttle bus
    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Spa

      massage, sauna, hammam, keep fit, spa

    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment


    • Whirlpool bath
    • Safe
    • Meeting room

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    • Overall Score nc/10
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