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41 Martinique Hotels Total number of Martinique hotels suggested by Easyvoyage

Is your next trip going to be to Martinique? You haven’t booked it yet and you want information on the local attractions or the best cities in Martiniqueto explore? With our Martinique travel guide, you’re able to make the best decisions: photos and the many reasons to go are at your disposal. On each destination page, you’ll find all our Martinique hotel offers and you can choose your favourite city. Depending on the hotel criteria most important to you, and with the help of our users’ opinions and our journalists, preparing your holiday in Martinique will be simple. View all facilities, their equipment or price-quality index value in accordance to your departure dates to find the best deals for Martinique. Booking hotels in Martinique has never been so easy!

Martinique a selection of the hotels rated best value for money

  • Club Med Buccaneer's Creek
    Club Med Buccaneer's Creek - Ste Anne 4

    Located just north of the village and the beach at Sainte-Anne, the Club Med Les Boucaniers is 34 miles from Fort-de-France and 28 miles (50 minutes) from ...

  • Plantation Leyritz
    Plantation Leyritz - Basse Pointe 3

    This is one of the big "classic" hotels on the island. Installed in a historic site, La Plantation offers a very good level of comfort, a peaceful ...

  • Domaine Saint-Aubin
    Domaine Saint-Aubin - La Trinité 4

    This manor dating from the beginning of the 20th century has become one of the most beautiful establishments in Martinique. A refined creole and colonial ...

  • Kalenda Resort Trois-Ilets
    Kalenda Resort Trois-Ilets - Les Trois Ilets 3

    Situated facing Fort-de-France, Le Resort Baie Trois-Ilets is a sure thing, both because of the quality of its accommodation and because of its facilities ...

  • Diamond Rock
    Diamond Rock - Le Diamant 3

    Le Diamond Rock is located on "La Pointe de la Chery", south-east of the village of Le Diamant (about 1 mile away). It is 12 miles from the airport ...

  • Habitation Lagrange
    Habitation Lagrange - Le François 4

    An atypical hotel with lots of charm for couples who want peace and isolation. This place is ideal to spend two or three nights.

  • La Batelière
    La Batelière - Schoelcher 4

    Located in the town of Schoelcher, west of the capital town of Fort-de-France, La Batelière hotel is just 3 miles from Fort-de-France and 9 miles (15 minutes) ...

  • Pierre & Vacances Sainte-Luce
    Pierre & Vacances Sainte-Luce - Ste Luce 3

    Located at the Pointe Philippeau, 2 miles from the fishing village of Sainte-Luce, in the south of the island, the Pierre & Vacances village is 15 miles ...

  • Domaine de Sainte-Marie
    Domaine de Sainte-Marie - Sainte-Marie 0

    Le Domaine de Sainte-Marie is a very pleasant residential hotel, ideal for spending holidays with family or friends.

  • Cap Macabou
    Cap Macabou - Le Vauclin 3

    On the far eastern cape of Martinique, the Cap Macabou is located right at the very end. This small, quiet establishment awaits you down a long track. ...

  • Hôtel Club Marouba
    Hôtel Club Marouba - Le Carbet 3

    Located just south of the village of Carbet (2 miles south of Saint-Pierre), Le Marouba is 17 miles from Fort-de-France and 24 miles from the airport at ...

  • Karibéa Résidence Goélette
    Karibéa Résidence Goélette - Tartane 4

    Located near the fishing village of Tartane, 5 miles from La Trinité, on the northern coast of the peninsula of La Caravelle, the Baie du Galion Resort ...

  • Les Carbets de Madinina
    Les Carbets de Madinina - St Pierre 1

    This residence could be a good starting point for visiting the north of the island. Unfortunately, it is located in the centre of a housing estate and ...

the best Martinique hotel

Has your holiday finally been organised and you’re almost ready to travel to Martinique? Alls that’s left is finding a hotel within your budget. Thanks to our offers on cheap hotels in Martinique, you should be able to find the perfect accommodation for your trip. With our Martinique hotel comparator, you’ll have access to every deal on offer in accordance with your dates. Just enter your criteria and leave with a clear mind. To select all low cost hotels in Martinique, use all the options at your disposal to receiver the most relevant results: near to the town centre or near to the beach, early or last minute booking, week or weekend trip... all choices to be made for a perfect holiday away.