Hotel Diani Sea Lodge Hotel 3 star
Mombasa-Diani, Kenya
Amy Adejokun Section editor

It's an easy mistake to make, but the Diani Sea Lodge has nothing in common with the Diani Sea Resort, despite the similarity of their names. The one we're interested in here, the Diani Sea Lodge, is one category below its near homonym, making it a down-market establishment. You'll either love it, or you'll hate it! The minimal facilities on offer here are made up for by the hotel's friendly atmosphere. The all inclusive formula is particularly interesting. We have even been told that a couple has chosen to spend six months of the year here...

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    • Hotel Diani Sea Lodge

      Diani Sea Lodge   -   © EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Diani Sea Lodge

      Diani Sea Lodge   -   © EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 9.98 /10

    The Diani Sea Lodge is located 15 mi from the centre of Mombasa, and 28 mi away from the airport. It takes a little over an hour and a half to reach the hotel. The travel time depends on the traffic close to the ferry that provides a link to the southern coast of Mombasa.

    Accommodation 4.70 /10

    The Diani Sea Lodge has 161 rooms organised into three categories: the standard rooms, superior rooms and the "Baharis". The standard rooms are located at the rear of the building and face the parking lot... They are housed in small bungalows and are rather nice, with their private terraces. However, once inside, the setting is very different. The room offers little other than furniture. Luckily there is a bed... The lack of detail, not even a painting on the wall, makes the place unbearably dull. There is no mini-bar, no telephone, no room service, and no hair dryer... If you want to watch TV, you'll have to book a superior room. There is a ?10 price difference, but it's worth every cent. As for the bathrooms, these are rather well-kept but there is a strong smell of damp.

    Overview 6.20 /10

    The establishment opened in the 90's but it was last renovated in 2007. This is a well-kept establishment, which is a good thing as there is not much else to say for the Diani Sea Lodge. The lobby is strangely reminiscent of an ancient home, probably because of the old furniture. Nevertheless, the staff at the reception desk is friendly. Further on in the building there is the hotel's swimming pool. The size of the pool is too small considering the number of rooms, but thankfully there is a sufficient quantity of deck-chairs. You might find the area around the pool rather crowded, but there is enough space on the lawn. The sports centre deserves a special mention. It consists of a room that includes... two table tennis tables! If you're in need of a massage, however, there are two massage parlours just next to it.

    Food and drink 6.20 /10

    The Diani Sea Lodge has two restaurants, if you take into account the fact that the bar at the swimming pool serves breakfast and lunch. The main restaurant is located in the same building as the lobby and serves dinner, in the style of a buffet. The buffet is located at the far end of the room and is not easily accessed. The open room is quite enjoyable but one regrettable feature is the fact that the tables are all lined up next to one another. It is therefore more pleasant to eat outside. As for the food itself, the menu changes every three weeks, so you can quickly become bored with what's on offer... The hotel has some nice garden tables, used during its barbecue evenings.

    Beach 7.20 /10

    The establishment is situated next to the beautiful beach of Diani. There are deck-chairs, set up along a small wall, which prevents guests from being pestered by the beach sellers, who come in numbers to these parts. There are also some steps, leading directly down to the Indian Ocean. Like most beaches in Kenya, the coral reef is not very far from the shore. It is therefore preferable for those with fragile feet to wear sandals when bathing in the sea. Due to the weather, and especially to the tides, the beach can be invaded by seaweed. Swimming presents no particular risk: the waves are gentle and the beach is not very windy.

    To know

    For those who are more inquisitive by nature, Mombasa has little in the way of tourist attractions, but it would, nevertheless, be a shame not to take the time to visit the old town. The neighbourhood could do with some renovation, but Fort Jesus is an interesting place to discover. Built in the 17th century by the Portuguese, its purpose was to protect the port from foreign invasions.
    Those who like to sunbathe topless should bear in mind that this is simply forbidden in Kenya, and is punishable by law.


    • Car park
    • Spa

      massage, beauty salon

    • Sports equipment

      aqua gym, water-polo, beach volley, football


    • The bungalows.
    • The proximity to the beach.


    • The terraces of the rooms each look on to one another.
    • The lack of amenities.
    • No decoration in the rooms

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      • Package deals in août 2011 Posted on 2013-07-23 Seul - Une semaine et plus (Pavillon/Paillote/Maison)

        Hôtel très bien situer beaucoup d animaux qui vous entour très agréable calme service propre. les chambre et la nourriture sont correctes. Je le conseil? pour couple et famille.

      • Advantages

        situation très agréable

      • Disavantages

        Animation peu convaincante

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      • Overall Score 8.25/10