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Hotel Anima Hotel 3 star
Praia do Encanto s/n 45 Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

You can stop looking, we've found paradise and it's here! On the enchanted beach, the praia Encantado, the furthest away from Morro de Sao Paul and totally secluded, it takes a two and a half hour boat crossing from Salvador de Bahia and another hour on dirt tracks to reach this hotel. A beautiful lagoon, charming rooms, an exotic garden that lights up with fireflies at night, delicious dishes you can enjoy right on the seafront, and a swimming pool facing the sea all await you. In short, the Anima Hotel is an exceptional establishment, perfectly suited for a romantic stay!

This hotel review is a translation from the French version published on our French site Easyvoyage.com.

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    • Hotel Anima

      Anima   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Anima

      Anima   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 3.99 /10

    Secluded far away from everything, the establishment stands on the magnificent praia de Encantado, the furthest beach away from Sao Paulo, which is part of the Tinharé island, some 45 minutes away from the boat terminal and a two and a half hour crossing from Salvador de Bahia. You should then expect another 30 minutes to get to the Salvador de Bahia airport. For those who can afford it, a small plane can take you there directly: there is an airstrip some 7 minutes away from the hotel and the flight to Salvador de Bahia only takes 20 minutes!

    Accommodation 8.70 /10

    The Anima Hotel's accommodation units are bungalows on stilts strewn across the natural surroundings. They are completely charming with their eco-friendly wooden floorboards (pine tree and eucalyptus), their wicker furniture and their traditional local decor (a capoeira instrument hangs on the wall). They are equipped with a king size bed with a mosquito net, a safe with a key (which can be used for free), a fully stocked mini bar fridge and a telephone. There is a flat screen TV (with 16 channels) concealed in the wardrobe and a DVD menu is provided free of charge. The rooms are spacious (32 m² including a 9 m² bathroom and a 9 m² veranda) and have air conditioning and a large wooden terrace with a hammock looking out onto the garden (there are no rooms with a view of the sea). The spacious bathroom (9 m²) includes an electric shower with a fixed head, toilets, a washing line, welcome toiletries and a stylish sink. A hair dryer is also available at the reception. Each bungalow also has an outdoor shower. When finding your room in the evening, the low intensity lighting will help you spot some fireflies if you're lucky! Two of the bungalows have an outdoor jacuzzi. Room service is available until 10:00pm.

    Overview 8.70 /10

    Opening in 2005, the Anima Hotel consists of 14 bungalows on stilts strewn across a huge tropical garden that faces a beautiful lagoon. Open 24/7, the swimming pool is situated opposite the sea and measures 12 m in length and 1.60 m in depth. There is also a 60 cm deep paddling pool for children. Towels are provided on site free of charge. There is a sun terrace with some deck chairs and parasols. There is also a shower enabling you to rinse off when you arrive back from the beach, before enjoying a dip in the pool. The bar-restaurant, the reception area and the library lounge are just next to the swimming pool. If you're lucky, in the evening you might spot a monkey, an iguana, a hummingbird, or fireflies.

    Food and drink 8.45 /10

    The catering at the Anima Hotel is excellent, giving guests the option of enjoying their meal under a thatched hut next to the swimming pool by the sea. Breakfast is served from 8:00am till 10:00am to the sound of classical music. Eggs, tapioca pancakes, beiju, and delicious fruit are everything you need for a good start to the day. Afterwards, food is served non-stop from 11.00am to 10.00pm. The Valencian chef prepares delicious local dishes with an Asian touch: parrot fish, squid, seafood, the traditional moqueca, cod accra, manioc fries... The wine list includes Argentinean, Brazilian, Italian and Chilean wines. For drinks, there is a large choice of caïpirinha accompanied with grilled cashew nuts... Couples can enjoy a candlelit dinner by the pool for some added privacy.

    Beach 8.95 /10

    The praia Encantado (the enchanted beach) is the beach furthest away from Morro de Sao Paulo. Numbered from 1 to 5, the further away they are, the nicer and more natural they get. The praia de Encantado is therefore the nicest of them all. An enchanting place, this beach is very aptly named. It has no equipment whatsoever; you will find no deckchairs, no sunshades and definitely no bars and restaurants. The lagoon is a place of immaculate beauty. On the right, the mangrove creates an impressive marshy maze that leads into the sea, providing the setting for some nice walks. Be careful not to get lost, though! The view here looks like something you might see in Polynesia! For snorkelling (flippers, goggles and snorkels are provided free of charge), you will have to wade out quite far, more than 200 m, to get past the coral reef and finally immerse yourself in a world of silence. However, it's not really suitable for a quick swim as the water is only knee-deep for around 100 m. Instead though, you could have a sit down in the warm water and delve into your deepest thoughts - quite an enriching experience! You'll only have a few birds and crabs for company. Those who wish to enjoy the pleasures of motorised water activities such as banana boating will have to head to praia 1, whereas kite surfers will have to go to praia 2.

    To know

    It's hard work getting to the Anima Hotel! Once you have landed at Salvador de Bahia airport, expect a 30 minute taxi ride to the port of Mercado Modelo and then another two and a half hours by boat, followed by 20 minutes on foot through the sandy streets of Morro de Sao Paulo (don't worry, someone is bound to transport your luggage by wheelbarrow for 10 reals - about 4 pounds), and finally a half-hour bus ride on dirt tracks. Then you will find yourself in total seclusion. You will have already gathered that the Anima Hotel is not really well-suited for guests with disabilities or of a certain age. There is a free shuttle service to take you to the village from 10:30am to 11:00pm. Outside of these times, you'll have to pay a small charge of around £7.50. The establishment is run by a Frenchman, Philippe, who is more than happy to give you some advice regarding your excursions: a cart ride to praia 4, a stroll in the mangrove to meet a hermit living in his hut by a river, a boat tour around the island, swimming and snorkelling sessions in various natural pools, meeting the local fishing community... Philippe will give you print-outs of your itineraries as well as some useful tips. The tax that visitors are required to pay upon arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo has already been settled, so as to avoid queuing when you get to the port. There is Wi-Fi Internet connection at the reception and a computer is available for you to use for an hourly rate of 4 pounds.


    • Shuttle bus
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Spa

      massage, wellness

    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment

      horse riding, beach volley

    • Animals allowed
    • Whirlpool bath


    • The beautiful lagoon
    • The charming bungalows
    • The tranquillity
    • The quality of the cuisine
    • The warm welcome from Philippe


    • The secluded location, far from the village of Morro de Sao Paulo
    • The long and complicated access from Salvador de Bahia

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10
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      This hotel review is a translation from the French version published on our French site Easyvoyage.com.

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      This hotel review is a translation from the French version published on our French site Easyvoyage.com.

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      This hotel review is a translation from the French version published on our French site Easyvoyage.com.

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