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Hotel Cala Ginepro Hotel Hotel 4 star
Viale Cala Ginepro 97 Orosei 08028 Orosei, Italy -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

Part of the same complex as the I Giardini and the Sa Mattanusa restaurant, which was the first to open, this hotel offers a decent level of service plus relaxed surroundings.
It is located at the heart of Orosei and known in the field for its age and its fine cuisine.
This establishment is particularly popular among families with children as there is no organised entertainment, but it can have some drawbacks in the form of renovations which aren't always completed on time.
The spacious and well-equipped beach, however, is one of the hotel's strong points and is sure to be a big hit with the kids!

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    • Hotel Cala Ginepro Hotel

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    Location 8.14 /10

    The Cala Ginepro is located in Orosei, in the Nuoro provision, in a quiet spot at the heart of this interesting and highly traditional town, with many craft shops, old churches, and local women with black below-the-knee skirts to be found in the surrounding area.
    If you're coming to Orosei by car from Olbia, you'll need to take the 131 main road towards Cagliari/Nuoro. If you're driving from the south of the island, take the same road as far as Nuoro before taking the secondary road towards the coast.

    Accommodation 7.20 /10

    There are a total of 144 guest rooms between the restaurant buildings and the Cala Ginepro, whilst the I Giardini alone has another 182. The latter is independently-managed so accommodation is rented or sold separately.
    The guest rooms at this particular hotel are perfectly decent on the whole and are certainly spacious and nicely decorated. The lighting and warm colours used in the decor create an Italian-style mix enriched with and almost Baroque-like details, such as the large mirror above the bed and the curtains, which, incidentally, do little to enhance guests' privacy. Indeed, some of the rooms really are far too close together, almost to the point of being unpleasant.
    The spacious bathrooms, meanwhile, are well-equipped and feature gleaming tiles.
    When it comes to services, the Cala Ginepro is pretty average. The staff are all perfectly courteous (after all, you'd be hard-pushed to find an unpleasant Sardinian hotelier), but they really do need to invest more in their technology. The flat-screen television is prone to connection problems caused by the decoder, undoubtedly, and also the location of the establishment. The reception is poor and there is often no sound at all.

    Overview 6.70 /10

    This is one hotel that's certainly showing its age.
    Having said that, the fact that the hotel complex is managed by the same people does go some way towards making up for the slight flaws with the different establishments.
    There isn't actually a swimming pool at the Cala Ginepro, but guests can use the ones at the restaurant (where there is a pool for adults and one for children) and the large pool at the I Giardini, whilst evening entertainment, too, is available at the Sa Mattanusa (disco) and the I Giardini (piano-bar). As for the kids' club, this too is located at the Sa Mattanusa, where guests can also enjoy a game of tennis on the synthetic court or play ping-pong. There is even something of a park area here, specially-designed for children.
    The mini-club is open to children 4 and up and activities are organised during the summer school holidays (this year, from 22nd May until late September, in time for the start of the new school year).
    If you wish to take advantage of all of the communal services provided at the complex, you will need to buy a club card, priced at around 31 per week, from the Cala Ginepro group for all guests over the age of 4. This gives you access to the onsite entertainment, the mini-club, the beach (where deckchairs can be hired from the third row back), sports activities, and other fun things (including a pedalo ride!).

    The 2 storey Cala Ginepro is built in the style of a private residence, which explains the slightly winding structure of the building. Don't let the signs mislead you either - the entrance to the hotel is located to the side, along the road leading to the hotel I Giardini . On arrival at the hotel you'll find yourself in the rather dark reception, before moving through to the very pleasant outdoor communal area, complete with tidy greenery. The hotel may stand right on the roadside and not far from the centre of the resort, but the surroundings are nevertheless peaceful and the hotel is well-served.
    The architecture of the hotel is generally pretty basic and not very fancy. They could certainly make more of the materials used but have decided instead to go for the discreet approach. The guest rooms are located on the first and second floors, with a staircase leading down to the restaurant on the basement level. On the way you pass through a ground floor area which opens out into the gardens and houses a bar serving light meals and snacks as well as coffee in the evening.

    Food and drink 7.95 /10

    The restaurant at the Cala Ginepro serves basic, natural cuisine in a style commonly found in family-run Sardinian establishments.
    The tasty and generous meat and fish dishes on offer are prepared using fresh ingredients and consist largely of Italian and Sardinian specialities, including recipes from the Nuoro province and the surrounding area, which forms the basis of regional cuisine.
    We particularly liked the choice of wonderfully tasty starters prior to the meat or fish main course, from which you will have no grace until the time comes for you leave the table!
    Breakfast consists of a plethora of simply-arranged sweet and savoury items, though sadly this does not include fresh fruit.

    Beach 7.70 /10

    The 3 establishments in the complex share a beach, which is reached by crossing the well-maintained pine forest that separates it from the road. A pathway leads through to a large, white sandy beach where you'll find deckchairs and parasols available on request during the season.
    Why not take a nice, healthy stroll along the coastline - the views are certainly worth it and you'll definitely work up an appetite from the sea breeze.
    You can, in fact, walk as far as the jetties at the end of the beach, with a tarmac road leading back to the buildings running parallel to the right.
    You need not worry about taking little ones with you either, as access is easy and there are no rocks or dangerous animals here.

    To know

    Well-known in the area, the hotel opened in 1989 as the second establishment in the group, which includes the Sa Mattanusa restaurant (the first to open in 1979) and the I Giardini di Cala Ginepro hotel (which is busier and just five minutes away).
    The two hotels and the restaurant offer the same list of services. The I Giardini hotel has the largest pool, where evening entertainment is put on until midnight.

    All 3Cala Ginepro establishments primarily attract families, as well as a large number of German guests during low season, and are advertised in the Italian market by various tour operators, including Alpitour, Eden Viaggi, Aviomar, and Top Sardinia.
    It really is a shame that technology has been somewhat neglected at the Cala Ginepro; the Internet connection, for example, is only available in reception and is extortionately priced, at nearly 9 for 15 minutes and around 22 for an hour!


    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Air conditioning
    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment


    • Animals allowed
    • Safe
    • Non-smoking rooms


    • The beautiful and well-equipped beach
    • The cuisine served in the restaurant


    • There is no swimming pool
    • The Internet connection is over-priced

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