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Jet Tours Pegasos Beach Hotel 4 star
Leof. Kallitheas Rhodes, Greece -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Pegasos Beach meets the expectations of holiday-makers eager to enjoy all pleasures of the seaside. It has modern architecture, like many other hotels in Faliraki. And particularly impressive is the reception area.

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    Location 6.0 /10

    The Pegasos Beach is located 1.5 miles from the seaside resort of Faliraki on the eastern coast of the island, 8 miles from the beautiful medieval city of Rhodes and 4 miles from the village of Afandou where you can visit the international golf course, dotted with olive trees.
    Faliraki is the most famous holiday place on the island, literally on the water, giving access to the pleasures of seaside resort activities including water sports, but sailing sports. Enjoying a dry climate with little wind, the resort is flooded with sunlight as late as October. No pebble beach will mar your stay here. A luxury for the island, which is 90% bordered by pebbles! In the evening, the resort comes alive and you can choose between the pleasure of a good meal in one of the many taverns along the sea, the unbridled rhythms of the bars, or even walkways along the beach. It is easy to find a vehicle at the many shops which rent scooters, motorcycles or cars. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the city of Rhodes and 30 minutes to reach the airport. As for shopping, souvenir shops are almost everywhere, in full swing in particular during summer, where you come across a clientele of mainly Germans and Englishmen, and few Italians.

    Accommodation 7.50 /10

    The hotel has 280 rooms of good size (about 215 ft² each) throughout the six-storey building with a lift leading to wide corridors. All rooms overlook the beautiful bay and the sea or the mountains but, unfortunately, the road that leads to Faliraki or Rhodes is located less than 50 feet from the building. To get to the hotel it is practical, but it is bad if you wish tranquillity! Each room has a small balcony and is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, telephone (with direct dial for international calls), a radio, an empty refrigerator, a safe (paid) and a hair dryer. They are simply furnished and tiled in white and salmon colours. The rooms walls, decorated with a rattan painting and a mirror, are painted snow-white.

    Overview 6.80 /10

    Just like its neighbours, the Pegasos - built in 1985 and renovated in 2000 - has modern architecture. A large, high edifice! - a six-storey building in the shape of an 'L' facing the sea houses all the rooms. But it conceals the beautiful landscape of the mountains... At the entrance, a large stone sculpture of the famous Pegasus, depicted reared-up, greets visitors. The theme of horses is well-represented in the hotel and you come across it in numerous paintings. The decoration is modest. The staff is smiling.

    Food and drink 7.00 /10

    Two restaurants, one for smokers and another for non-smokers, offer local and international cuisine. The main restaurant serves all three meals buffet-style. The non-smoking restaurant, serving a la carte, serves dinner in a more informal atmosphere. In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool and a beach bar, open until midnight, which also serves snacks (on the beach) and there is a snack bar near the restaurant for non-smokers. For lunch you can have Greek specialties a la carte, served between 12 AM and 4 PM. A bar situated near the reception, with traditional music in the background, completes the setting.

    Beach 7.00 /10

    The Pegasos beach is nearly adjacent to the Calypso. The hotel benefits from the use of the vast sandy beach of the bay of Faliraki stretching as far as the eye can see, almost a mile distant. Some pebbles are scattered across this part of the bay but in general you can walk barefoot. The granite sand is dark brown and fine. Like its neighbouring hotels, wooden walkways are arranged along the beach, under the shade of sunshades. Remember that the deckchairs are rented, about ? 3 per half-day... And, from this point of view, all resorts operate in this manner. Customers can access the sailing club of the beach near the hotel also for extra payment, as it is entirely private and has no commercial agreement with the Pegasos Beach.

    To know

    The Pegasos Beach is located between the Calypso Beach and the Blue Sea. It benefits from the sandy beach in Faliraki, the famous seaside resort. Remember that all neighbouring resorts (fifteen in total) share the same beach, which is public, but big enough. It is rare to find a hotel with a private beach in Rhodes. In addition to Germans, Austrians and Italians frequent this facility as holiday-makers.


    • Shuttle bus
    • Car park
    • Handicap access
    • Restaurant
    • Internet access
    • Air conditioning
    • Spa

      massage, beauty salon, sauna, spa, Turkish bath

    • Swimming pool
    • Sports equipment

      tennis, gym, aqua gym, basketball, mountain bike, archery, water-polo, sports

    • Safe
    • Private beach


    • Nearby there is a sailing club
    • The reception and the staff
    • The beach


    • More than a half-hour's walk from the centre of Faliraki
    • The height of its architecture

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score -/10
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