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5 San Sebastien hotels

Have you already planned your next holiday in San Sebastien? With your ticket in your pocket, all that’s left to do is find a hotel in San Sebastien! It’s always a little tough choosing the perfect hotel. What type of accommodation, distance from the centre of San Sebastien, distance from tourist attractions, which additional services? In just a few clicks Easyvoyage offers you user opinions as well as the advice of journalists, who have visited hotels in San Sebastien. Within minutes of reading, you’ll be able to form a rough opinion and book your San Sebastien hotel. Our experts have visited San Sebastien just to help you find the hotel that best fits your needs: equipment, service, location and, of course, the atmosphere of each. It’s no surprise, your next trip to San Sebastien will be a definite success! With our hotel search engine, you can book the hotel of your dreams in San Sebastien at the pest price.

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    • 1

      Astoria 7 - San Sebastien 4

      Astoria 7
      Average price
      Expert 8.30 /10
      Value 7.25 /10

      This quirky and modern hotel is a relatively recent addition to San Sebastián's accommodation options, only opening in 2009. Before that, the hotel was ...

    • 2

      Silken Amara Plaza - San Sebastien 4

      Silken Amara Plaza
      Average price
      Expert 7.45 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      Like most of the Silken hotels in the region, Amara Plaza seems to have been designed principally with business clients in mind. This conclusion was reached ...

    • 3

      Codina Hotel San Sebastian - San Sebastien 3

      Codina Hotel San Sebastian
      Average price
      Expert 7.35 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      A very functional hotel, Hotel Codina is perfect for visitors to the city who want to sleep a little outside of the hustle and bustle, yet who still want ...

    • 4

      Hotel Parma - San Sebastien 2

      Hotel Parma
      Average price
      Expert 7.30 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      This ideally located hotel right on the seafront is a great option for almost all visitors to San Sebastian (families, couples, those on a budget) who ...

    • 5

      La Galería - San Sebastien 2

      La Galería
      Average price
      Expert 7.10 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      La Galería is definitely a hotel for families or couples and not for young budget travellers. Guests are greeted upon entrance by dark green and orange ...