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Hotel Casa Azul Hotel 0 star
Lameirão Sao Vicente, Cape Verde -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

This hotel is unusual in many ways and will probably leave many of you feeling completely inspired. Its exceptional location on the heights of Mindelo is the main asset of this magnificent and charming residence which has been converted into a bed and breakfast. Unsurprisingly, it is a favourite address for holidaymakers who just want to relax.

  • Rest
  • Charm
  • Nature
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    Location 8.0 /10

    Casa Azul is situated inland in the Mindelo region, at Lameirao (on the Baia das Gatas road).
    It will take you about 10 minutes by taxi to reach the hotel from Mindelo's town centre and the ride will cost you around 1,000 escudos, which is about ?10.

    Accommodation 8.70 /10

    There are 10 rooms in Casa Azul. Don't think for a moment though that they are all alike. They're not. Each is decorated in a different, specific style. You might stay in the 'English' room with its 19th century furniture, or in the 'Brazilian' room with it's 60's interior, or in even in the ethnic setting of the 'Guinean' room... Whichever room you may choose, you can rest assured that it will be spacious and extremely comfortable. Towels are also provided and you have free use of the safe. There is one more thing that you should be aware of: the rooms have neither a television nor a telephone. You can therefore rely on undisturbed tranquility.

    Overview 9.20 /10

    Casa Azul is far from being an ordinary establishment. What you will discover upon your arrival is neither a hotel nor a boarding house, but rather a blue bed and breakfast (hence the name) that will leave you completely speechless. This entirely renovated establishment opened in 2007 and is one of the best places to stay at in Mindelo: both the interior and the exterior are breathtakingly beautiful and blend perfectly into the surroundings. Its stone-paved swimming pool offers an incredible vantage point from which you can enjoy the view of Mindelo, set in exquisite mountainous scenery. Around ten rooms, each with its specific interior, open onto a terrace planted with hibiscus flowers, bamboo trees and laurel. On arrival, you will be met by Laure and Eric, the owners who carried out this remarkable work. You could say that they have managed to breath a second life into this residence, a former colonial house that was long left abandoned. Today, things are such that you have the feeling that the place has always existed. The owners are welcoming and will tell you all about their lives and how they came to renovate this residence, whilst ensuring your well-being and comfort. All you need to remember when you arrive in São Vicente is that Casa Azul is everything you could ever dream of. It is a place of calm and relaxation where nature is the most important element. Spanning across 27 acres of Mindelo landscape, this charming estate is sure to make a long-lasting impression.

    Food and drink 8.20 /10

    When you stay at Casa Azul, only the breakfast is included. You will be offered different sorts of tea, as well as cakes and homemade yogurts with an assortment of jams, (don't forget to try the papaya jam), real butter and local Santo Antão cheese. Breakfast is served until 10:30am (so that you don't miss out on a lie-in...). As for the setting, everything is designed to make you feel at home (such as the large family table); the only difference here being that the interior decoration is extremely unusual and the view is breathtaking.

    To know

    The French-speaking owners are very friendly and will probably introduce you to the music of Cape Verde. They are also the people you should talk to if you want to discover the region. Don't hesitate to ask for their advice.


    • Car park


    • The interior and exterior architecture
    • The beautiful scenery
    • The relaxing surroundings.
    • In the heart of nature


    • The hotel is located in an outlying part of Mindelo
    • No internet access

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    • Overall Score nc/10