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Hotel Tiare Breeze Hotel 4 star
Taha'a, French Polynesia -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

The Tiare Breeze guest house is a VIP favourite, providing an exclusive and convivial setting for your break. Its hillside location on the island of Tahaa affords spectacular panoramic views of the lagoon from the bungalow's terrace and lounge area. If you don't appreciate the constraints that a hotel usually poses, you are sure to like the Tiare Breeze, where the welcome is warm and the level of service as attentive as you want it to be. Of course, such a private and exclusive setting comes at a price, but those who can afford it will not hesitate for a second.

This hotel review is a translation from the French published on our French site Easyvoyage.com.

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    • Hotel Tiare Breeze

      Tiare Breeze   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Tiare Breeze

      Tiare Breeze   -   © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE

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    Location 10.0 /10

    Tiare Breeze is located on the island of Tahaa, on the southern side of Haamene bay. The reception is down by the lagoon, while the bungalow is on the hillside. Patio, Tahaa's main village, is 7 mi from the Tiare Breeze.
    The island of Tahaa has no airport, the nearest one being on the neighbouring island of Raiatea, 2 mi from Uturoa. The hotel is a 10-minute boat ride from the airport, with transfers provided by the Tiara Breeze (prices on request).

    Accommodation 8.70 /10

    The bungalow is split into two living areas connected by a terrace overlooking the lagoon. The closed off room is that of the bedroom. It has a little bathroom (with toilets and a washbasin) at the far end of it. To take a shower, you must make your way out of the bedroom and across the terrace to the fare that houses the kitchen, the lounge and the shower. The shower room is walled off, but the kitchen and lounge area basically open onto the outdoors, a design choice that is difficult to fault given the panoramic view it offers over Haamene bay and Tahaa lagoon. However, rain does fall in Polynesia and if the heavens open you will just have to wait it out in the cosy bungalow that houses the bedroom. The style of the decor here is traditional, the materials local and the ambience so warm and stylish that VIPs don't even think twice about checking into the Tiare Breeze. There is no air-conditioning, but a fan is provided and a television can be installed on request. The kitchen is equipped with everything you could need to prepare a meal or heat up dishes delivered to the bungalow. The terrace between the lounge and the bedroom is furnished with recliners and an outdoor shower to freshen up. The view is superb, of course, and you cannot help but feel rather privileged!

    Overview 8.20 /10

    The facilities at the Tiare Breeze are both very simple and very stylish. Guests disembark onto the pontoon with its little fare (a structure with a pandanus roof and sides open to the sea), complete with a divan strewn with cushions. There are also pocket books stacked on a wooden shelf and a lamp on a little table, among other things. You could easily assume that this is the bungalow that you are renting, but it is actually the reception area, which also serves as a waterside relaxation space. The bungalow is across the very quiet road and 984 ft away up the hill, at an altitude of 115 ft. On arrival, you can request to be driven all the way up to it. Once you have checked in you may make free use of the bikes to explore the island of Tahaa; you will encounter hardly any traffic on the 42 mi coast road. Haamene bay is very close by, just 10 minutes away by bike, with the village of Patio a little further away (an hour by bike or 5 minutes by car). Don't forget that cars can be rented on the island of Tahaa.

    Food and drink 7.95 /10

    Breakfast is served on the aito (ironwood) table in the space between the kitchen and the lounge and it consists of local products like citrus preserves, guava, pineapple, seasonal fruits (watermelon, mango and papaya), bread and fresh fruit juice. You can also ask for fried eggs or an omelette and if you fancy bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes or a bowl of cereal, opt for the personalised breakfast option. For the other meals of the day, several options are available. There is the Tahaa Maitai restaurant, at the far end of Haamene bay, which is a 10-minute bike ride from the Tiare Breeze, or you can always ask to be driven there if you prefer. The Tahaa Maitai also delivers meals to the privacy of your bungalow, if you wish to have a private meal. The dishes available are listed on a menu on the table in the kitchen/lounge area and include reasonably priced local specialities, for example raw fish in coconut milk (?13), grilled meats, mixed salads and pasta dishes. If you want to try out life as a local, hire a car to do your shopping in the supermarket in Patio. Renting a car is also a handy way to drive around the island (42 mi) and see the land and symbol of Tahaa: the very pretty church on the coast at Tiva.

    Beach 7.20 /10

    If you feel like lazing around by the sea, the 'fare' provides the welcome change of scenery of a very homely waterside setting with the added bonus of a wooden terrace overlooking Haamene bay. Deck chairs and beach towels are provided, but remember that beaches are almost non-existent on Tahaa. There is just a little pocket of golden sand at the water's edge outside the hotel and you will need to don plastic sandals or rubber slippers to go into the sea as there may be coral or the odd stonefish lurking. It is a lot simpler to dive in and swim a few strokes off Tiara's landing stage, where the water is dark blue due to its depth. The setting is superb, but not quite in the same league as a picture-postcard tropical island. For that, you will need to head out to the motus, little islets on the ring of coral around Tahaa. The closest of these is motu Ceran, just over a mile out to sea. Be sure to make at least one (charged) outing to snorkel, dive or simply stroll along the deserted beach of the motu. You can enjoy the paradise of crystal-clear water, colourful madrepores and fish, and white sand beaches fringed with palm trees... without being disturbed by another soul.

    To know

    At present, the Tiare Breeze consists of a single bungalow that can sleep up to three guests. Three extra bungalows are also in the pipeline and are set to be built on the hillside between the existing bungalow and the road. At the time of writing, two of these three bungalows are set for completion by the end of the year.
    Accommodation tip:
    The Tiare Breeze is the best place to go for a personalised stay on Tahaa Island. This is all down to the owners, who extend a warm welcome to guests and are able to organise, in the blink of an eye, a romantic dinner on the terrace of the bungalow's kitchen-lounge, an outing to a deserted motu beach, a boat trip on the lagoon and a shopping experience centred on learning about two of Tahaa's typical products: pearls and vanilla.
    Prices and reservations at www.tiarebreeze.com.


    • Shuttle bus
    • Spa


    • Sports equipment



    • Its location on the island of Tahaa, at the entrance to Haamene bay
    • The bungalow overlooks the lagoon


    • The shower is separate from the bedroom
    • The bungalow is a 984 ft walk away, up a slope

    Traveller Reviews

    • Overall Score nc/10
    • Jonathan D. Jonathan D.  
      1 Opinions
      • Package deals in août 2017 Posted on 2017-09-09 En famille - Une semaine et plus (Chambre avec vue)

        J'ai séjourné à la pension Tiare Breeze. Le bungalow,à flanc de colline,est un réel danger pour les plus petits (aucun garde corps, aucune sécurité).Lorsque j'ai signalé ce danger au propriétaire il m'a répondu d'enfermer mon fils âgé de 2 ans. J'avais réservé le bungalow sur pilotis qui finalement m'a été refusé au profit de ce bungalow dangereux.Le propriétaire insiste pour que la totalité du séjour soit réglé à l'avance.Nous sommes restés 1 nuit au lieu de 10 (et aucune remboursement)

      • Advantages

        la vue les enfants du propriétaires sont adorables

      • Disavantages

        le danger pour les enfants en bas âges. L'absence de reconnaissance de ce danger évident (les petits ne devraient tout simplement pas être admis). Le caractère "impétueux" du propriétaire qui hausse facilement le ton.

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      • Overall Score 3.67/10