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6 Tokyo hotels

There is a hotel to suit everyone in this vibrant and colourful city. Depending on what you are looking for - either traditional accommodation or something more unique - this city has it all. Tokyo is a city which combines beautiful temples and palaces with impressive skyscrapers, and its hotels similarly blend the traditional with the modern. Expatriate travellers often settle in the ryokans, traditional hostels located mostly in the most picturesque neighbourhoods. Asakusa, for example, with its Senso-ji temple, looks something like a postcard, and Yanaka and Ueno look equally beautiful when they are covered in cherry blossoms in the spring. The ryokans are characterised by the wooden tatami mats which cover the floors, and they often serve delicious meals and have hot baths. Small guesthouses called minshuku are a cheap alternative for an equally authentic trip, although the choice of hotel is ultimately secondary, because visitors can happily wander among the Tokyoites all night. The capsule hotels are a symbol in Tokyo. Reserved for the low-maintenance, these small, human-sized boxes leave no room for the claustrophobic!

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    • 1

      The Peninsula Tokyo - Tokyo 5

      • Culture
      • Well located
      • Gastronomy
      • Our pick
      • Luxury
      • Spa
      The Peninsula Tokyo
      Average price
      Expert 9.60 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      The Peninsula Hotels is originally a Chinese chain, but being used to attaining excellence in terms of quality in the hotel industry it just had to branch ...

    • 2

      Park Hyatt Tokyo - Tokyo 5

      • Gastronomy
      • Luxury
      • Spa
      Park Hyatt Tokyo
      Average price
      Expert 9.55 /10
      Value 6.75 /10

      Remember the film from not so long ago: Lost in Translation? Well it was filmed in the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo. The bar is still in the same place, with ...

    • 3

      Mandarin Oriental Tokyo - Tokyo 5

      • Well located
      • Gastronomy
      • Luxury
      • Spa
      Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
      Average price
      Expert 9.50 /10
      Value 7.00 /10

      Warning: this is the top of the top! In terms of comfort, view, style and service. It's magical. Unfortunately, the price is less delightful! Although ...

    • 4

      The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo - Tokyo 4

      • International Standard
      The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo
      Average price
      Expert 7.85 /10
      Value 6.50 /10

      It's not what you think: there are no Japanese women in tiny bikinis ready to welcome guests. 'Strings' refers to actual string, of course. In this case ...

    • 5

      Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa - Tokyo 5

      Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
      Average price
      Expert 7.70 /10
      Value 7.50 /10

      It's not the size of this ochre brown building located at the heart of the Shinagawa district that impresses, but rather that it is a lovely place surrounded ...

    • 6

      Sunshine City Prince - Tokyo 3

      • International Standard
      Sunshine City Prince
      Average price
      Expert 6.70 /10
      Value 7.25 /10

      A beautiful 37-storey tower right in the middle of this slightly out of the centre but pleasant area. The architecture and the shiny marble hall probably ...