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Tromso, Norway -
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Amy Adejokun Section editor

A glass, snowflake-shaped hotel floating on water will be opening its doors in Norway in December 2016. It will be the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the Northern Lights. Alone in the middle of the sea, with front row seats to a spectacular show - the pinnacle of luxury.

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    Location 3.04 /10

    The Krystall Hotel will be built in the Norwegian fiords near Tromso in the far north of the country, but far enough away from the lights of the cities to allow guests to admire the Northern Lights at their best. It will be nestled at the heart of the fiords surrounded by nature untouched by human life. To get to the hotel, guests will have to take a boat from Tromso Port.

    Accommodation 9.70 /10

    The hotel will have 86 room keys. Keys to paradise perhaps? The guest rooms cover a surface area of 35m², and will feature a minimalist decor based on the theme of winter.

    Overview 9.70 /10

    The Krystall Hotel will be entirely built from glass at the heart of the Norwegian fiords. The architectural firm Dutch Docklands is working on this project which should be completed in December 2016. The architecture of this exceptional 5-star hotel will of course reflect Norway and the Norwegian winter. It will be shaped like a five-pointed snowflake and will be 120 metres in diameter. And in order to take maximum advantage of the Northern Lights or the starry Norwegian night, the hotel will be covered in a beautiful and immense glass roof. Given that the hotel will float on the water like a boat, it may move several metres from its initial position. The architects assure us that guests will not feel the movement. The hotel will be isolated and therefore has to be autonomous and self-sufficient. It will have a minimal impact on the environment and can even be taken out of the fiord without leaving anything behind. A spa will be open for guests' well-being. Having a massage while watching the Northern Lights, a must in luxury. You can also meet with your clients in one of the conference rooms.

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    This extraordinary experience will cost you £238 per night.


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