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Casa de Yaiza is an atypical eight room guesthouse which has taken kitsch 19th Century Roman style paintings to new heights. The original 17th Century building has quiet a history attached to it which gives the guesthouse soul. Casa de Yaiza is situated a short drive from the small and quiet village of Yaiza close to the Timanfaya Volcanic Park. There is a must-try restaurant with a wizard of a chef and a good selection of local wines. The pool is also a pleasant area to relax after a long day sightseeing. The guesthouse is ideal for couples looking for a romantic stay away from the more touristy spots at an inland location that is both beautiful and a convenient base to explore the island from. The guesthouse is not ideal for families due to its quiet ambience. It is worth noting that the hotel is not near a beach, although the nearest beaches are within a twenty minute drive away.

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    • Hotel Casona de Yaiza

      Casa de Yaiza   -   © Loïc Lautard / EasyVoyage

    • Hotel Casona de Yaiza

      Casa de Yaiza   -   © Loïc Lautard / EasyVoyage

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    Location 6.97 /10

    Located inland, the Casa de Yaiza is set in the small village of Yaiza close to the Timanfaya Volcanic Park. Like all villages in Lanzarote, Yaiza comprises of low level white buildings with green window and door frames. There isn't much happening in the surroundings; however for those of you looking for some peace and quiet, Yaiza is an ideal place to stay.

    Accommodation 8.45 /10

    There are eight guest rooms in total, each named after a part of the surrounding valley; that of Fenduso. There are three rooms at the garden level and five rooms along the overhanging wooden gallery upstairs. All are spacious and decorated in a 19th Century Roman style with kitsch paintings hanging on the walls as well as ceiling frescoes. There are some quaint details like 19th Century lamps and some original mirrors and bits of furniture which help to reinforce the time warp the owner wanted to create. Each room has an individual decoration and shape. The bathrooms are large and fairly fancy, some with free-standing baths and large French windows. All the rooms are equipped with a flat screen television. The rooms tend to be booked up very quickly so do book ahead if you are thinking of staying here.

    Overview 8.20 /10

    The Casa is well indicated by signs from the village of Yaiza. The hotel part is called Casa de Yaiza and the restaurant is called Casona de Yaiza although both are in the same place. The house is a typical 17th Century structure, thought to have been built in 1825. Surrounded by a hedge of bougainvillea, the house stands at two storeys with a recent wooden gallery renovation. The building is entered via a courtyard that is shared with the restaurant. The reception, which looks more like a famous author's room, is to the right of the courtyard and most of the rooms are upstairs along an overhanging wooden gallery that has been built in a typical Canary Island style. Large 19th Century Roman style paintings adorn the corridor walls. Close to the reception is the quiet room where there is complimentary Wi-Fi access (a code must be asked for at reception). Under the gallery of rooms is the art gallery named after the owner's grandmother. Down the stairs guests can venture around the cave-like exhibition space. Back up to ground level, to the back of the building there is a small pool.

    Food and drink 8.45 /10

    As most guests tend to be exploring the island, they stop off for a bit to eat and keep the Casona de Yaiza for a special evening or two during their stay; and it would indeed be a real shame to miss out on Argentin chef's, Mariano Arganini's creations!

    The Casona de Yaiza is the Casa de Yaiza's restaurant. It is also very popular with the locals for its gorgeous food, wine and excellent service. The chef here is a real "artist" as described by our host, German Carrégalo, who was holding the fort whilst the owners were on holiday during our visit. After sitting down to dinner on two separate occasions, we can confirm that the ingredients are fresh and the dishes original and very tasty. On our first night the chef surprised us with a cold melon soup with fried Serrano ham and olive oil, a deliciously light sautéed duck liver salad and succulent white fish with a peach and garlic dressing among other delights! Definitely one to try no matter where you are staying on the island! The Andalucían waiter will also coax you into trying a bottle or two of local wine either from the Stratus Bodega or from the El Grifo, both exquisite, so don't be shy!

    To know

    The owners of the Casa de Yaiza also own a second more contemporary guesthouse further away from Yaiza called Casa de Hilario who was a well-loved priest in the 17th Century. There is real history behind the Casa as when the owners were creating the gallery underneath the house, they found lots of different cooking utensils that dated back to the early 16th Century which must have been left there before the house was built. The gallery, originally a small grain storage area, took a while to dig out since the volcanic stone was tougher than anticipated. Today it shows works from various artists. The gallery was named after the owner's grandmother, Julia Durand. The entire renovation took two years to complete. Casa de Yaiza was officially inaugurated in 2004.


    • Restaurant
    • Spa

      Turkish bath

    • Swimming pool
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    • Safe


    • Romantic location away from the madding crowds.
    • The authentic style of the guesthouse.
    • The Casona de Yaiza restaurant.
    • The art gallery in the basement of the guesthouse.
    • Having breakfast out on the terrace, looking out onto the rest of the island is a highlight here.


    • The kitsch Roman style paintings including the ceiling frescoes in the rooms may not be to everyone's taste although the concept is original and fun.

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