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Hungary : Discover the country's culture


Les Tziganes de Hongrie et leurs musiques ? Book with an audio CD.
Patrick Williams, Actes Sud (Book CD 09/2001).
Le Perroquet de Budapest - André Lorant, Viviane Hamy (08/2002).
'Budapest, ville d'eau' ? Dakota ed. 2004.
Le Perroquet de Budapest - André Lorant, Viviane Hamy (08/2002).
'Budapest, ville d'eau' ? Dakota ed. 2004.


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Franz Liszt (Rhapsodie Hongroise n° 2 and 3).
Johannes Brahms (Danse hongroise n° 1, 2 and 3).
Bela Bartok (pièce pour enfant n° 2,Mikrocosmos n° 153).
Zoltan Kodaly (Intermezzo).

Hungary : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

14 BC: the Romans create the province of Pannonia (region of Transdanubia).
End of the 4th century: barbaric invasions (including of the famous Huns).
896: conquering of the country by the Magyar tribes, who make numerous incursions in the West up until 955.
1001: the crowning of Etienne I, the first Christian king of Hungary.
1241: Mongolian invasion.
1386: Turkish invasion (who occupy Budapest in 1541).
1669: Hungary in the Austrian bosom.
1740: Marie-Thérèse from Habsbourg becomes the queen of Hungary.
1848-1849: Hungarian Revolutioon for independence.
1920: Admiral Horthy becomes a regent.
1944: occupied by the Nazis, Budapest is surrounded by the Red Army in December.
1946: proclamation of the Republic.
1949: Rakosi proclaims the popular Republic.
1956: rebellion against the Soviets.
1968: economic reform and liberalisation.
1990: first free elections.
1996: Hungary celebrates its 1100th Birthday.
1 May 2004: Hungary joins the European Union. Ferenc Madl has been the president since 2000 and Ferenc Gyurcsany the prime minister.
5 August 2005: the jurist Laszlo Solyom takes up the post of president of Hungary. He replaces the conservative Ferenc Madl.

Hungary : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January: New Year's Day.
15 March: National Day (Anniversary of the Revolution 1848-49).
April: Easter Day.
1 May: Labour Day.
June: Pentecost Monday.
1 July: Civil Servant Day.
20 August: Constitution Day (King St Etienne).
23 October: Republic Day and the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution.
1 November: All Saints' Day.
25 and 26 December: Christmas Day.

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