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In the north of Budapest, the Danube River, which runs from the west to the east, makes a sharp bend towards the south. The river bend's luxurious setting has attracted many a Hungarian king as well as numerous tourists. Esztergom, 42 miles from Budapest, was the Hungarian capital up until 1241 (date of the Mongolian invasion). Today, the town remains the spiritual centre of the Hungarian church. After having visited its impressive cathedral, its Royal Palace and its rich Christian Art Museum, continue your exploration of the region with a visit to Szentendre; a harmonious, Baroque style city teeming with artists. As for the ruins of Visegrad Castle ? the former royal residence of Charles I of Anjou ? it offers an impressive 360 degree panorama of the Danube.

  • The Danube curve , The Danube Bend , Hungary
    The Danube Bend

    In Hungary, the Danube bends at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, going from running west to east, to north to south.

  • The Danube curve , Traces of the past , Hungary
    Traces of the past

    The area around the Danube is home to numerous towns which have conserved the remains of medieval castles.

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  • The Danube curve , A medieval-style banquet , Hungary
    A medieval-style banquet

    It is in this region where numerous significant historical events took place, and there are several royal residencies to discover here.

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  • The Danube curve , The Danube Bend in Hungary , Hungary
    The Danube Bend in Hungary

    The view of the Danube Bend: the plain crossed by the Danube is greatly anthropised. Many villages sprouted up in this area of the river.

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  • The Danube curve , Visegrád castle , Hungary
    Visegrád castle

    Visegrád, on the right bank of the Danube, is known for the ruins of the summer palace dating back to the Renaissance and for its medieval citadel.

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