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The north and east of the country, which are less visited than Transdanubia, allow you to discover century old traditions and beautiful typically Hungarian landscapes: wine-producing hills (Tokay wine), vast terrain (Hortobagny), forests, sunny plateaus (Bükk Mounts), relief, which is constantly changing its appearance and which is punctuated with rivers, streams and small Medieval villages. A perfect illustration of the inestimable richness of this region is the village of Hollokö, (homeland of the Palóc ethnic group, located at the heart of a nature reserve) it is the first village to be declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco (1987). Basically, you will need a few days to visit the numerous splendours of the region which include: monuments in the city of Eger, the capital of Baroque art (the Castle Fort, Liceum Insitute, the Basilica, the Old Market Square), the city of Miskolc, the Protestant temple of Mont Avas, the city of Szerencs (at the entrance to the Zemplén Mountains).

  • Northern Hungary, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary
    Northern Hungary

    The landscape in this part of Hungary is very varied; it constitutes a mountainous region home to traditional villages with medieval architecture.

    © Laszlo Konya / 123RF
  • A goose breeder, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary
    A goose breeder

    The county of Békés, in the east of the country, is known for its goose breeding for the production of down.

    © stieberszabolcs/123RF
  • Hungarian art, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary
    Hungarian art

    Hungary is a country with an immense artistic and cultural heritage, and is therefore a 'must' for painting and architecture enthusiasts

    © Günter Lenz / age fotostock
  • Lake Tisza, in the north-east of the country, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary
    Lake Tisza, in the north-east of the country

    The Tisza-tó (Tisza lake) is the second biggest expanse of water in the country.

    © Emelphoto / 123RF
  • Vineyards, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary

    Wine-making is an ancient tradition in Hungary. The most well-known of the wines made in Hungary is without a doubt Tokaji wine.

    © Alamer / age fotostock
  • Typical Hungarian architecture, The North and East, Landscapes, Hungary
    Typical Hungarian architecture

    A picturesque country road. Hungary is a country that has remained relatively untouched for the most part.

    © Pater Gudella / 123RF
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