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To the east of Danube, in the southern part of the country, you will find the Great Hungarian Plain. A country of farmers, horse and cattle breeders, Puszta possesses, at the heart of its huge plains, the real soul of Hungary. Its history, which is marked by numerous invasions, is harsh, like its climate. It is extremely hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The temperatures vary enormously, and some years there can be a difference of 72 C between two seasons. Not only beautiful, Puszta has a perfectly preserved natural heritage (despite the recent ecological catastrophe of the Tisza River). Puszta is home to numerous rare animal species which can be observed in numerous nature reserves, the biggest of which being Kiskunsag National Park (86,487 acres, created in 1975 and declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco). Lakes, ornithological reserves, natural parks, equestrian activities, the Great Hungarian Plain constitutes a privileged setting for green tourism. It also possesses charming, traditionally built cities: Csongrad and its thatch roof houses of more than 200 years old, Gyula and its old Medieval castle, Szeged and its peaceful way of life, Debrecen, and its status as an intellectual and university city and Kecskemet, a city reputed for its fruit-flavoured eau de vie and its original monuments (town hall, Cifra Palace, Kodaly Institute and Franciscan monastery).

  • The Puszta, the Great Hungarian Plain, The Puszta Great Plain., Landscapes, Hungary
    The Puszta, the Great Hungarian Plain

    The traditional costume worn by herders. Light cavalry is a true cultural tradition in Hungary.

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  • Puszta, The Puszta Great Plain., Landscapes, Hungary

    An old-fashioned trip in the Puszta Great Hungarian Plain... With no greenhouse gas emissions!

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  • A plain within a plain, The Puszta Great Plain., Landscapes, Hungary
    A plain within a plain

    This constitutes the largest part of the Pannonian plain.

    Roberto Lo Savio / 123RF
  • The Puszta Great Plain. , The fauna of Puszta , Hungary
    The fauna of Puszta

    Despite the fact that the landscape is rather arid and inhospitable, these colourful birds have managed to find their habitat in the Great Hungarian Plain

    Hans Lang / age fotostock
  • Horses in Puszta, The Puszta Great Plain., Landscapes, Hungary
    Horses in Puszta

    The Puszta Great Plain is inhabited by shepherds, oxherds and horse keepers.

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  • Landscape typical of Puszta, The Puszta Great Plain., Landscapes, Hungary
    Landscape typical of Puszta

    Puszta is a Hungarian expression used to describe vast stretches of steppe, typical of the country's low plain.

    Werner Krumme / 123RF
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