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South of Reykjavik is the "gold-circle" circuit which you should definitely not miss; it includes the Thingvellir site, Gulfoss falls and, most of all, Geysir, 20 miles away from Laugarvatn. Geysir got its name from the geyser natural phenomena. Here, the Strokkur - the area's star - eructates a stream of hot vapour over 20 m high every 5 minutes. After sleeping for several decades, even the old Geyser got into the game.

  • Geysers from Geysir , The Geysers of Geysir , Iceland
    The Geysers of Geysir, Iceland

    The geysers expel a jet of water that can extend up to 50m high.

    Alfons Hauke / age fotostock
  • Geysers from Geysir , A geyser in action , Iceland
    A geyser in action, Iceland

    A visit of a geyser site is definitely not something to be missed on any trip to Iceland.

    Roland Zihlmann / age fotostock
  • Geysers from Geysir , The Strokkur geyser , Iceland
    The Strokkur geyser, Iceland

    Although the famous Geysir is no longer active, its colleague, Strokkur, puts on an absolutely beautiful show.

    Justus de Cuveland / age fotostock
  • Geysers from Geysir , 'Gaseous' geyser , Iceland
    'Gaseous' geyser, Iceland

    Linked to special climatic and geological conditions, geysers are only present in a few parts of the world.

    BOUVET Laurent / age fotostock
  • Geysers from Geysir , Silica basins , Iceland
    Silica basins, Iceland

    Geysers are located alongside small basins of boiling water rich in silica.

    Corinna Fuckas / age fotostock
  • Geysers from Geysir , The land of geysers , Iceland
    The land of geysers, Iceland

    Spectators sometimes have to wait over twenty minutes to witness the jet of water and vapour.

    Sami Sarkis / age fotostock
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